What do you do when you’re snowed in?

Snow 4 2-21-13

What do you do when you’re snowed in? I’m not going out to sit on my patio furniture today, maybe not tomorrow. I’m not even venturing out of the house today. The streets are horrible. So what will I do today? Hmmm

This is the time to catch up on all those things you’ve let slide, especially those updates on blogs, etc. I’ve worked on my Pinterest boards, added a lot of my book covers, rearranged the boards, and added some pins. Stop by and see if there is anything to interest you.

Village Quilt-finished

I added pictures on my other website of my latest art quilt project, a village with a surprise dragon.

I finished the revisions on a book coming out from Blushing Books soon, The Marshal’s Rebellious Bride. This was actually a revamping, strengthening, lengthening, and name change of Whiskey’s Rebellion.  My publisher and I decided we really liked this book and thought we’d kick it up a bit. If you bought it before from Blushing Books, you will automatically get a copy of the new book.



And I found out that Valentine’s Cowboy (released just before Valentine’s Day) has finally made it to Amazon. They were incredibly slow getting it up there this time. But if you want a nice “hot” read for a cold winter day…this will do the job.


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