WEDNESDAYS WITH STARLA KAYE: Dominique Eastwick turns ordinary lives into extraordinary Fairytales

My special guest author today is Dominque Eastwick, who writes for Aspen Mountain Press and Decadent Publishing.  I love these words on her website: Where Ordinary lives can turn into extraordinary Fairytales. Where a dash of suspense, a helping of humor, and a whole lot of romance meet to make one hell of a good time.

Dominique, how do you respond to someone who says, “You write WHAT?”

Can you believe that!?!?!?!

(Starla) I always enjoy hearing other authors respond to the question so many romance authors get asked.

Do you have cheerleaders supporting you as a writer?

I do, I have several that also like to kick my ass to get me in gear and writing.

(Starla) I also noticed on your website that you mention you have “an amazing husband who allows me to follow my dreams where ever they might take me…” It is really helpful for a writer to have support group around you, so you are clearly blessed this way.

What are your hobbies or other interests that get you away from the stress of writing?

Photography and I play World of Warcraft.

(Starla) Again, from your website, I see that you love art and historical costumes design, too. Lots of interests to feed your creative urges.

Do you hae a writing mentor? Do you mentor anyone?

I run a site and a loop called the Aspiring Romance writers group. We mentor tons of people. It’s all about building us up and now bringing us down.

Have you faced a big writing challenge, other than just starting?

I am severely Dyslexic so I face challenges across the board when it comes to writing.

(Starla) This is a problem so many of us don’t have to deal with and have a hard time understanding. But I have met quite a few writers now with this problem. I can hardly imagine all the problems you face and deal with.  I am humbled.

What is your favorite part about building a story world?

Learning about my Characters and who they are.

How do you get beyond writer’s block?

I challenge myself to write at least 500 words. Usually it’s more that comes from that. Sometimes I just stop writing for a while.

What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

Depends, for the Sherman series, I spend a lot of time on the names of the characters, they have to mean something else. Hunter in Hunting JC, Haven in Tony’s Haven, Kiloran in Killing Lucas, Chance in Spencer’s Chance. Poor Trenton, I have no idea what his lady’s name is yet. For Tony’s Haven I was chapters into the book before the right name came to me. Usually I know the Characters and I have an idea of the big plot focus before I sit down to write.

How do you research the time period, setting, plot specifics, character specifics?

I LOVE to research. I will spend weeks researching and then research more as I go. I used to research in the library, not it’s almost all on the computer. But for my Historicals (unpublished) it’s a lot of my notes from when I was a costume designer in the theatre.

How do you promote your books and yourself as an author?

Any way I can. LOL

Now let’s talk about your newest release for Aspen Mountain Press, Tony’s Haven

Genre:  Erotic romance, Rubenesque

ISBN: 978-1-60168-395-3

Length:  162 pages

Buy Link:  Aspen Mountain Press

Did you have a favorite scene in Tony’s Haven?

I think the scene when Haven meets Tony’s family is my favorite. It was really the basis for the rest of the story, the only one I had in my head long before the rest of the story took shape.

Will there be any sequels to this book?

This is the second book of five. I am working on Lucas’ story now.


Tony Sherman may be a modern day Adonis and a well-know ladies man, but hiding beneath his carefree, playboy persona is a man who knows how to be discrete. He keeps his desire to protect all those he loves from being seen by anyone, particularly his family. Fate intervenes when he uses his charm to beg a favor from a co-worker, a women who is unaffected by his charisma as she is by his looks.

Haven Pelletier is anything but the kind of woman usually found on Tony’s arm or in his bed. She’s mousy and rubenesque, and unmoved by his Adonis appearance. But when circumstances bring them together, she sees right through his tarnished armor—to the true man underneath.

As Haven learns more about Tony, she discovers secrets hidden deep in his past and a Man who might just steal her heart if she lets him. When life throws obstacles in their way, can Tony be the Knight in Shining Armor Haven needs both in and out of the bedroom?


Her breath caught as Tony pushed her forward toward the glass window. A full moon lit the snow white landscape giving it an angelic feel. The white mountain shimmered dreamlike as if waiting for the sun to crest over them to awaken the skiers and bring it once more the joyful life. But at the moment nothing moved. No wind, animal, or person disturbed the quiet slumber of the mountain.

“It’s beautiful.”

“I know. I come here, to this spot every time I come up here. My favorite time is now, like tonight, under a full moon. When a thousand crystals are sparkling at us. It’s almost magical, isn’t it?”

“Magical,” she agreed.

“May I ask you something?”

“I guess so.”

“Would it be okay if … That is, may I…can I kiss you?”

Haven took a step back. “Why are you asking?”

“What do you mean, why am I asking?”

“Why ask? Would you have asked any other girl you were with?”

Tony looked at her stunned, here he was trying to be a gentlemen and she wanted to know why. “I don’t know, because maybe I didn’t want to get slapped or worse have you accuse me of sexual harassment when we got back to the office on Tuesday. Or perhaps I was just trying to treat you like a lady. How the hell do I know? I just thought…”

Whatever he thought to say was thrown to the wind. Her lips met his and he couldn’t have formed a complete sentence even if he tried. Snaking his arms around her waist, he pulled her into him, forcing her to rise up on tip toes. She was soft where a woman should be soft. She made him feel strong and masculine. His lips wanted to devour every full inch of her mouth. She tasted like the strawberries from her Daiquiri and smelled just as sweet.

His mouth demanded hers open, not that he was receiving any resistance. She opened for him and met his tongue eagerly welcoming and stroked him in. Her left hand moved over his shoulder, up his neck and now her long fingers intertwined into his locks. He didn’t know, didn’t care who was driving the kiss deeper. He just knew that he wanted it, needed it, like no other kiss in his life. He wanted this moment to last.

This moment of beauty, its purity and its fire.


Proposed Release Date:  August 19, 2011

Series:  1 Night Stand


Website:  Dominique Eastwick

Facebook:  Dominique Eastwick

Twitter: Dominique Eastwick

Email:  [email protected]

23 thoughts on “WEDNESDAYS WITH STARLA KAYE: Dominique Eastwick turns ordinary lives into extraordinary Fairytales

  1. hales

    What a great interview. I admire your willpower to write and not let your dyslexia slow you down. Great interview Starla and Dominique. I loved that freakin book it’s one I’ve read more than twice 🙂 Le sigh.

  2. Kathleen Gallagher

    Excellent interview, Dominique! Up

    The blurb for Tony’s Haven drew me in and I loved the excerpt!

  3. Fabian Black

    Hi Dominique,

    Thanks for the interesting interview. Being a cotume designer in the theatre must have been fun. When I go the theatre I’m almost as much interested in the set and costume designs as I am in the play itself, where would the actors be without great sets and wonderful costumes!

    BTW Strawberry Kisses is a delicious title for your upcoming release! 🙂


    1. Dominique Eastwick


      I loved doing Costumes but when I had my babies something had to give and it was Theatre though I miss it I dont regret leaving. OH the stories I could tell you 🙂

      I hope my 1NS lives up to its title 🙂


  4. Valerie Mann

    I’m lucky enough to live near Ms. Dominique and we do lunch (and Twilight movies, LOL) and she is one of the smartest, savviest promo people I’ve met. And she makes me laugh hard. Her Aspiring Writer group was where I got my start, I will always be indebted to her. And her Sherman brothers…one word-yum. Oh yeah, and her husband is her inspiration for romance writing. If you met him, you’d know what I mean *wink*. Hugs, Dominique. You’re a treasure.

  5. Starla Kaye

    My husband always tells me he is my inspiration for the heroes, too. I love him dearly and just smile and nod. But a balding…ummm slightly pudgy CPA (accountant)…? Really? But then I’m not exactly heroine material, except in my mind.

    1. Valerie Mann

      Starla, of course he thinks he’s your inspiration. You love him and that’s good enough for him. And I’m pretty sure he thinks you’re heroine material. Love is blind. Thank goodness for 99% of the men and women on this planet, LOL

  6. Katie Harper

    Great interview!! My TBR pile is growing.

    @Starla: This is going to sound kind of creepy, especially when you consider I write romance. All of my heroes are based on my brothers. No, my four brothers do not have GI Joe bodies. In fact the tallest is 5’8″ and they’ve all become very….comfortable, in their married life. I base the character’s traits on my brothers. My heroes are all honorable, have integrity, are loving, kind, would kill or die for someone they care about, and they make me laugh constantly. I’ve even named some of my characters after a brother.

  7. Starla Kaye

    I don’t even want to think about my TBR pile…it’s a staggering amount.

    That’s really great about you basing your heroes on your brothers. I agree it is the character traits that are the key. There have been a few of mine based loosely on men I’ve known, including my husband. Then I add the physical characteristics many of us want to drool over in our dreams. We are writing fiction, fantasy after all.

  8. Leanne

    Thank you for this interview.
    Domique, when I read that you have dyslexia I had comment. You’re not alone many authors have it–Jules Verne, John Grisham, and.on and on…and…um me. It’s not surprising when you consider the same brain that creates challenges also drives us to create.


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