Wearing a cowboy hat properly

detail_2436_sheriffandthemayor_detailBeing in love with cowboys or the cowboy mystique isn’t unusual. I’m one of those people and I write about them, a lot. There is just something about a man in worn jeans, muscles hardened by real labor. Scuffed boots and cowboy hats also earn a cowboy lover’s attention.

Let’s focus on the cowboy hat today, more specifically how to wear a cowboy hat properly. For one thing, most “real” cowboys wear their hats down farther on their forehead. This is to help block the sun from their eyes.

Here are some helpful links on wearing cowboy hats:

Different cowboy hats shapes and sizes: http://bit.ly/16SOWbE Original cowboy hats were customized in various ways to fit the needs and preferences of the wearer.

How to wear a cowboy hat properly, with pictures http://bit.ly/14PUxyT

How to wear a cowboy hat properly http://bit.ly/128Myfh Pick the right size.

How to choose the right crown for a cowboy hat http://bit.ly/1dby8iQ Cowboy hats attract attention, and the key to drawing flattering glances is picking hats with crowns that balance out a person’s facial characteristics.

How to choose a Western style hat for your face http://bit.ly/16qcl64 Cowboy hats tend to have exaggerated proportions that can attract attention to features like very thin faces, jowly chins and broad foreheads.

How to crease a cowboy hat http://bit.ly/143iLpq There are basically two different types of cowboy hat creases: a roll and a hard crease.

How to shape a felt cowboy hat bull rider style http://bit.ly/1dbyDJZ The bull-rider crease is a style that gives the hat an almost flat top.

The cowboy hat guide: Wearing and Etiquette http://bit.ly/1a9AYFy

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