Valentine’s Cowboy released

kayevalentinescowboy500X750_72  I enjoy writing about love and romance. Even more I enjoy writing the occasional story revolving around Valentine’s Day in some manner. And, of course, I like to throw my heroes into situations that they are uncomfortable in and have to struggle to deal with. (Evil woman, I know)

My latest release, VALENTINE’S COWBOY, from Blushing Books involves all of that. My heroine (Valentine) is a romance therapist currently disgusted with romance…at least from her personal experiences. My hero (Sam) is a cowboy, currently annoyed that his kid sister has gone through some sessions with a romance therapist before getting married. There is much more involved in why each of them don’t think highly of each other before they finally meet.

To top it off, they meet for the first time in Maui, where his sister is getting married. He didn’t want to go there, but loves his sister enough to do it. She’s there because of her friendship with his sister and because she needs time away from her personal problems and work. She is beginning to wonder if maybe she has been seeking a love relationship with the wrong gender. But when she literally falls into a gorgeous cowboy’s arms… well, now she’s really confused.


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**The ebook will soon be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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