Traumatized Horses

Therapy for Traumatized Horses

People, particularly soldiers, may experience PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder). Horses, too, can suffer from the disorder. Such animals may have been exposed to chronic stress, constant adrenaline, cruel treatment, poor training, and other traumatic-inspiring situations.

They can manifest their problems in poor behavior, having the fight/flight syndrome, being hyper-vigilant about the world around them, and becoming distrustful and unmanageable.

My heroine in For Ruby’s Love is a horse therapist, sometimes known for being a horse whisperer. Calhoun is a rancher who had a tragic barn fire that resulted in the loss of a couple of his horses and the traumatization of his prize-breeding mare. He had hired the services of Ruby and her father to hopefully emotionally heal the horse, but when it’s only going to be her… Well, he’s not agreeable.

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by Starla Kaye


One thought on “Traumatized Horses

  1. Susan

    A friend of mine just adopted a horse that definitely needed a new home and socialization. She said her autistic son just loves him. Maybe they can help each other.


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