The Sheriff and the Mayor released

I am happy to announce the release of my latest novella from Blushing Books, THE SHERIFF AND THE MAYOR.

Cassie Davis is struggling to rebuild her life after ending an abusive marriage and moving back to Grangeville, Kansas. She’s emotionally healing, discovering a new career, and finding comfort in being an integral part of the small community. And she has found a stubborn, dominant rancher with a complicated life who is determined to love her. Surprisingly, she trusted him from the start, but he now wants more than she’s ready to give. Will she lose him if she can’t make the commitment he wants?

Dalton Reede had a disastrous first marriage, and his life is stretched thin being a rancher and a temporary sheriff. But he longs for a wife and children. When he met Cassie, he knew he had found the woman he needs. She’s spirited, loving, passionate, and she accepts the dominant side of him. But she’s been badly hurt by another man. Loving her is easy, except that she seems to have more time for everyone else instead of him. Can he make her realize it is time to stop being scared of the past and give them a chance?

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance

Buy Link: Blushing Books

*Will soon also be available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon


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