The Process: Pre-Stuff-Importance of Titles

We all know that first impressions are important and can have a negative or positive effect when meeting people or presenting yourself to a group of people. The same is important with titles for your writing projects.

If you’re writing for a big print publisher, chances are you will not get to keep the original title you choose for a project. You are at the mercy of the publisher’s marketing department on what they decide is a marketable title. It is unfortunate that they often choose book titles that are ridiculous or mean nothing to the book. But you have given away the right to have the title you want when you sell the book. You can only hope for the best when readers scan bookshelves for their next purchase.

If you are writing for a publisher that allows you to pick your book’s title, the importance of choosing a good title is even stronger. I have pulled together some thoughts to consider when creating your “perfect” title. As always, the article has been posted to my Writing Tools on my website and has been added to the list of My Writing Tips on this blog.

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