The Process of Writing

I’m finally getting around to starting what I hope will be beneficial posts for writers of all phases in their writing career. I’m also hoping to eventually get some feedback and helpful suggestions from other writers, based on your personal experience with the topics discussed. I will also try to maintain a list of the links to the full articles on various writing tips and useful templates in the middle sidebar.

My first link is to my article on The Process: Beginning a WIP (Work in Process). It explains different steps I go through in starting each of my new writing projects. The better prepared you are to begin with, the less headaches you will have as you work on your story. I will post additional thoughts about the various steps and their importance. For now, this is an overall suggestion on how to begin a writing project.

I am also adding to the list definitions for the different romance and erotic sub-genres. Knowing what type of story you aim to write is very helpful from the beginning.

3 thoughts on “The Process of Writing

  1. Joan Vincent

    Your Beginnina a WIP arcticle is a gem, Starla. An excellent starting point for a beginning author and a refresher on the organizational steps needed to write a story. With such indepth preparation the actual writing should go very smoothly.

  2. Margie Church

    I think these are always helpful. There’s so much to learn and lots of times when an author keeps getting rejections, it’s because they didn’t edit well enough. The story may be wonderful but the hard and fast rules are broken. It’s too much for an editor to take on. A blog like this will help convince an editor you know what you’re doing. Count me in. I was planning to blog on this next week.

  3. Polly

    Wonderful idea Starla! I looked for something such as this when I began writing seriously seven years ago. Hopefully this will catch on and you’ll attract plenty of “newbies”.

    Polly/awa Isabel Mere


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