The Process: EDITING: Plot

I have gotten some wonderful comments on my series of articles aimed at helping the writer at any level in their career. I thank you, one and all.

To continue, again, in the revision process, this time I am offering some helpful tips on looking at your plot. Now that you have completed the first draft (or even the second or third), it is still wise to review plot elements at least one more time before submitting your work somewhere.

Often we writers think we have gotten our point, our characters, our conflicts, etc. written well enough that a reader can follow along and enjoy the story. But have you really made all of that clear?

My suggestion is that if you do not think you can be a good judge of looking back at your story and the elements, find a reliable person to read it and give them this list of review items. See what that person comes up with.

As always, I have added the article on EDITING: Plot to the Writing Tips on this blog and to the Writing Tools on my website.

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