The Process: EDITING: Dashes, Ellipsis Points, Numbers

I am finally beginning my discussions on various Editing elements in your writing. Some of the punctuation elements I have the most trouble with are when and how to use dashes (em- or en-dashes) and ellipsis points. I am forever and again breaking up pieces of dialogue or narrative with dashes or using ellipsis points to show faltering speech. But it is important to do these things correctly.

Do you know the difference between an “em dash” and an “en dash”? Do you understand whether to use an “em dash” or “ellipsis points”?

What about the many different usages of numbers and numerals? Do you know when to spell out a number or when to use the numeral?

To learn more about these writing elements, I have added my article, EDITING: Dashes, Ellipsis Points, Numbers, to the Writing Tips on this blog and to my Writing Tools on my website.

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