The Marshal’s Rebellious Bride released

marshallsrebelliousbride-cover   I am excited to announce the release of The Marshal’s Rebellious Bride from Blushing Books. The book was originally published as Whiskey’s Rebellion several years ago. We decided it had slipped through the system at some of the booksellers and thought it deserved a second chance.

It is always fun to revisit some of my favorite characters and get the opportunity to strengthen the story, add more emotional depth, and lengthen the story as well. There are almost 9,000 additional words this time. And Whiskey drives the rough, tough, hero (Morgan) even crazier this time around.

If you bought the book previously from Blushing Books, you will automatically get the revised book in your personal library. If you haven’t read the other book, now is your chance to read a really fun historical Western romance.

The first version was enjoyed by many, hopefully by more this round. A couple of teaser reviews include:

“Really, really good book with some great characters that are strong and of course love to cause trouble. The love story moves along at a good pace and there is plenty of pranks to be had and laugh out loud ones to boot.” (Evelyn)

“One of my favorite love stories! Lots if tension & friction which makes for an entertaining read.” (Lana)


Angelina Wakefield, better known as Whiskey, is Dodge City’s beloved mischievous imp. There is little she won’t dare to do, proper or improper. With her English earl father back home in England, her two older brothers are left to watch over, protect, and try to guide her as best they can. No matter the lectures she receives or the occasional session over a knee, she rebels to go her own way. Finally the brothers decide what she needs is a strong man they can trust to both love her and tame her. U. S. Marshal Morgan Rydell seems perfect…but not to Whiskey.

Morgan has a dark history, a feared reputation as a lawman, and is a dangerous man with a gun. He is a target for any man wanting to challenge him and make their own reputation. Because of that he has no intention of ever marrying or ever settling down and bringing his son to live with him. Even if he wants to, how can he do that and risk endangering anyone close to him?

Then his U.S. Marshal buddy nearly dies and makes him promise to marry his sister, Whiskey. How could he refuse a man who has saved his life so often? But when his friend lives, he still feels honor-bound to the agreement he made. Plus the brothers offer him the chance to buy the Wakefield Ranch. It’s a dream he longs for and can’t resist no matter the possible dangers ahead. To finally have his son with him, to stop riding the trails…the drawback is having to marry the spirited, sassy, far too independent for his peace of mind Whiskey. And, damn, if the sexy little minx doesn’t appeal to him in the worst way. Even when she continually tells him she won’t marry him.

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