The Great Scottish Devil- R Excerpt

He has no memories. She has no home and nowhere safe to go alone. He is betrothed to an unknown woman, but is drawn to another. She longs for the troubled, haunted warrior, but she can’t have him. The Great Scottish Devil is my second medieval romance from Blushing Books. Brodie’s story began in the first book, Maggie Mine, as the older brother who went to England to save the sister he doesn’t remember from being wrongly hung. Now his life gets even more complicated when he becomes involved with Annabel.

CONTEST: Read the complete excerpt here on my website and leave a comment to tell me what Annabell calls Brodie. One lucky commenter will receive an ebook copy of The Great Scottish Devil. Contest ends 6-22-12.


Title:  The Great Scottish Devil

Genre:  Medieval Romance, light BDSM elements

Author:  Starla Kaye

Publisher:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Amazon



She snuggled closer, rubbing against his already hard erection, not seeming to notice…but he did. He should have worn braies this night instead of his kilt with nothing under it. He tried to inch her away. She only moved closer.

“I am so alone. So awfully alone.” She was sobbing again, trembling again. Somehow she was facing him, straddling him. Somehow he ended up lying on his back. Her chemise had ridden too high on her thighs, her bare bottom far too close. Only the thinness of his kilt kept his cock from sliding into her body.

“Oh, Anna, sweet Anna,” he moaned, fighting to keep from taking her as he so badly wanted to do.

Her face mirrored confusion even as he saw her eyes soften with desire. He doubted she fully understood what she was doing. She lifted up enough to reach between them and raise his kilt. Her small mouth moved into an “O” and she gave a tiny sigh of wonderment.

Brodie had frozen, afraid if he moved at all, he would only make the problem worse.

Then she reached out a hand and all the breath left his body. She touched him, gently moved her hand up and down his pulsing shaft. “God’s teeth!” he gritted out, dying at such a light touch.

She looked at him, smiling like she’d found a wondrous treasure. “’Tis soft, yet so hard.” She moved her hand once more.

He didn’t think he could survive this. “I am no’ that strong, Anna.”

Her head tipped to one side and she frowned in puzzlement. “You are very strong, Lord Devil. The strongest man I have ever known.”

He groaned as her fingers lightly played over his shaft again. “Nay, I mean strong enough no’ to…”

The suddenly bold woman lifted up, wiggled closer and bent over to kiss him, which he couldn’t resist. Then as he arched upward to hold her and plunder her mouth in frantic need, she sighed and sat down. His cock drove right up inside her, clear to the hilt.

She cried out, but he held onto her so that her cries went into his mouth. Her obvious innocent’s pain lasted only a moment and she slowly relaxed.

Finally he let go and she eased back to look at him. “I did not mean to…” She looked down at where his rod entered her body. “I should…”

Brodie gripped her around the waist and held her in place. His cock was already moving inside her; her inner muscles already massaging him. “It matters no’ now. I canna stop what I must do, nor I think can you.”

She squirmed and gently moved, sighing in obvious pleasure at the sensations she felt. Her eyes were glazed as she focused on him. “’Tis a wonderful thing, this.”

He reached for her plump breasts, taking each one in a hand, molding them. Her eyes widened and she smiled. She was so responsive, so perfect. Still, he felt shame for what they were doing. He’d taken her innocence, even though by accident. He was betraying Agatha. Yet there was no going back now.

“Even if we have only this one time, sweet Anna, I want to do this right.” Although she appeared to be content to sit there impaled on his rod, slowly moving and steadily finding more and more pleasure, he wanted to do the taking. He flipped her onto her back, his cock still deep inside her.

She sighed in delight, her muscles clutching him tighter. “Aye, I like this, too, my lord.”

“Ye’re going to like what I do next even more.” Then he showed her exactly how wonderful it could be to make love with someone you cared for.

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