The CEO And The Cowboy-Just Released

I am excited to announce the release of my second GLBT romance, The CEO And The Cowboy, from Decadent Publishing. I really enjoy these very emotional, character driven romances involving special men guaranteed to win your heart.

Title: The CEO And The Cowboy

Genre:  GLBT Contemporary Romance, light punishment element

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Buy Link: Decadent Publishing



Calhoun had always thought he was a cowboy hard-wired as a man intended for that wife, 2.4 kids, and picket fence kind of life. Until he can’t settle on a wedding date with his fiancée. It doesn’t feel right, but what the heck does? Then he runs into Daniel at his ex’s wedding, a man who makes him feel things…and confuses the heck out of him.

One thought on “The CEO And The Cowboy-Just Released

  1. Erin O'Quinn

    Dear Starla, what a great post! Having been born and raised in Nevada, I am familiar with some of these rural mores..the behavior of cowboys is part of their charm and mystique too!
    Normally a writer of historical romance, I have lately ventured into the realm of the contemporary small-town cowboy/drifter subgenre, a realm I know well, and I am prticularly struck by your last rule, about the cowboy and his hat. In my novel, the cowboy hero takes special pains to take his hat OFF in public places, because that’s the behavior I observed when growing up….or I thought I remembered. Now I’m having second thoughts.
    I also remember the speech etiquette of cowboys (as indeed of most of the small-town lads): deferential, low-key, almost humble.
    Thanks for your list. It’s good to know that authors have an eye for such things. And I wish you continued great success–even though saying that is like heaping whipped cream on the hot fudge.
    I’ve sent this twice, since it didn’t show up. Feel free to delete if it’s a repeat! xErin


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