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It’s All About Pleasing Your Man (Woman)-June Contest

Muffin topsJune already? Wow! Plus it is time for a new contest for June in connection with Romance Books 4 Us. This time It’s All About Pleasing Your Man.
The contest begins today (June 3) and runs until June 30. The randomly selected winner will be chosen on July 1.
Leave a comment about what you do special to please your man (or your woman). One randomly chosen commenter will win a Muffin Tops cupcake mold (they’re sooo cute).


By Starla Kaye

Contest Winners Announced

It has been a busy contest month for me. Today I am happy to announce the following winners from my various contests.

“Just for the heck of it” contest on my blog: Pamela Sims

“Keeping the Romance Going” contest on 1 Night Stand Series blog: Louise Pelzl

“TRS Staying Home Party” contest: Charlene Fraley

Congratulations to all of you!

TRS Staying Home Party

TRS home party logoI’m excited to be part of The Romance Studio’s Staying Home Party May 13-18. This if for those readers and writers who are not going to New Orleans, but still want to have fun. Be sure to check on this link TRS STAYING HOME PARTY to take part in the fourth annual party.

They will be giving away an Amazon gift card for $100 to one lucky reader and a lot of other prizes too! The Amazon gift card winner will be selected at random on May 19, 2014.

Participating authors will be posting during the event at the TRS STAYING HOME PARTY site about their latest books and other entertaining topics. Instructions for commenting and entering the contest are on the party site.

I am giving away a $25 Eden Fantasys gift card as my part of the author giveaways.

And now…nothing in particular (with contest)

rose_clipart_roses_vaseI was just half listening to the radio and they said, “And now…nothing in particular.” It was one of those pre-recorded blurbs the DJs inserted, and then they made fun of it. But the words hit me.

I thought that, in a way it went along with the May contest I’m running here on the website: It’s All About Me (You). The contest is asking people who stop by to enter the contest to share how they pamper themselves. So far the answers are fun and have told me that I need to work on the whole pampering myself thing. Stop by the post at this link: It’s All About Me (You)…or just roll down to the post.

Back to the “nothing in particular”…

It made me think of how few days, even hours, that I feel like I have “nothing in particular” that I need to do.  Life can be so demanding.  I (and most people) go from one task/errand/whatever to another from the time I get up and around in the morning until I crash at some point in the evening.

Remember that cliche “Take time to smell the roses”? Do I have roses to smell in my yard? Yes. I barely take the time to trim them twice a year,  let alone take a free second to stop and smell them. How sad is that?

How about you? What are you missing while you’re running yourself ragged day after day?

CONTEST: Thinking about all of this, I’ve decided to add a SECOND CONTEST. A “Just for the heck of it” contest. Take a few seconds to share about the craziness of your life and what you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying. One randomly chosen winner will win a $25 gift card from Eden Fantasys, which will give you a chance to pick out something fun to enjoy when you do manage to find a an extra minutre or two to pamper yourself. And I’ll throw in a small surprise gift too. The contest will end May 19.

It’s All About Me (You) – May Contest

sonotacowboy_500x755Where is the year going? Time is just flying by and it’s time for my May contest in connection with Romance Books 4 Us. This time It’s All About Me (meaning you).

The contest begins May 1 and runs until May 31. The randomly selected winner will be chosen on June 1.





Shoe bottle openerIt’s All About Me – Leave a comment about how you like to pamper yourself. One randomly chosen commenter will win a Fabulous Shoe bottle opener (perfect for sitting out for display or opening a bottle of ?). The winner will be chosen June 2, 2014.

Romance Books 4 Us

Starla Kaye author page at Romance Books 4 Us

Maggie and Ian return for a visit and a contest

MSW_SMEvery so often I enjoy taking a new look at some of my favorite characters. Maggie and Ian from Maggie’s Secret Wish two such people. Today I’m at the 1 Night Stand Series blog with a new, quick little scene from what their lives might be like today. Warning: It’s a heart-racer.

And I’m doing a contest in celebration of my fun-loving couple.





Kinky Vows gameCONTEST: One lucky commenter will win the Kinky Vows for Adventurous Lovers card set mentioned in this snippet story. The winner will be chosen April 28th.

1 Night Stand Series blog

Decadent Buy Link

Amazon Buy Link

Finding names for your characters

Today I am sharing some useful reference sources for Finding names for your characters.

name tagThere are lots of baby name sources in books and all over the Internet.

These are some that are a little more fun, more unique.




Cowpoke Names (for deciding on your cowboy or cowgirl name)

Bad Boy Names (no description necessary, right?)

Heroic Names

Medieval Names

Names of Knights

How to find unique names for your characters

Character name generator for creative writers








It’s All About Cowboys – April Contest

The-CEO-and-the-Cowboy200x300Time is just flying by already this year. It’s time for my April contest in connection with Romance Books 4 Us. This time It’s All About Cowboys.

The contest begins April 1 and runs until April 30. The randomly selected winner will be chosen on May 1.

CONTEST DETAILS: Cowboy  napkin ring and cards

Leave a comment on my website about why you love cowboys as heroes. One randomly chosen commenter will win a metal cowboy boots napkin ring (perfect for sitting on your desk and dreaming about cowboys) and a deck of cowboy cards.

Romance Books 4 Us

Starla Kaye author page at Romance Books 4 Us

Fun with names: Your Werewolf Name or Your Fairy Name

There are so many different ways to determine your personality, your future, your name and much more on the Internet.

what-is-your-werewolf-nameI found this first one “What Is Your Werewolf Name?” shared on Facebook this morning by Karenna Colcroft. I hope you have fun with it.





Here is another one for fun: The Original Fairy Name Generator. fairy name generator


Ahhh, Romance -Contest

Romance Books 4 UsNew month…new contest.

If you haven’t been to the Romance Books 4 Us website, you are missing out on some great authorsand some great contests.

My contest for February begins February 1 and ends February 28. The winner will be chosen on March 1.


Leave a comment here on my website about your best Valentine’s Day ever (or your fantasy of it). One randomly chosen commenter will win Naughty Secrets Body Fragrance.

 Romance Books 4 Us

 Starla Kaye author page at Romance Books 4 Us