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The Process: EDITING: Dialogue & Point of View

To continue with my basic thoughts about reviewing and editing your first (or second) manuscript draft, I want to focus on dialogue and Point Of View (POV) this time.

It is important that your reader understand whose “eyes” and “thoughts” the story is being seen through. This is also a tricky part of writing for the author. It is so easy to slip from one character’s “head” to another without meaning to do so. Yes, you can use more than one POV in a story, but you must be careful about doing that. Only do that if you have a real purpose for letting the reader experience the story from more than one person’s viewpoint.

Watching how the dialogue is written, as well as proper use of dialogue tags, is very important, too.

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The Process: Dialogue: Bringing Characters to Life

This is a fast paced world we live in. We want our news delivered quickly. We want bulleted information instead of sifting through paragraphs upon paragraphs to find what we really wanted all along.

We want to be pulled into a book on the first page, maybe even the first paragraph. And we definitely don’t want to find a potentially good storyline bogged down by conversational chitchat. As with so many other techniques and skills a writer needs to master, learning how to write dialogue is very important.

I’m one of those fortunate writers that don’t have trouble writing dialogue. My people speak to me in my head and their conversations flow easily to my fingertips and keyboard. They don’t tend to bog my mind down with a lot of narrative descriptions. Sometimes I wish they fed me a little more of that, but I can add that stuff in when I’m doing revisions. But many writers struggle with understanding how naturally flowing dialogue should work.

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