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Chocolate … give me chocoate

A favorite staple of mine in life: chocolate. Bring it on! I love it all…rich, dark chocolate…milk chocolate…minty chocolate. All of it. I decided to look up unusual chocolate gift items and am sharing some of the links I found.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat: bacon and chocolate gifts, including a Flying Chocolate Pig

The Hershey’s Store: the official Hershey’s store with all kinds of things

Extreme Chocolate: chocolate perfume, chocolate beads, chocolate soak bath, and much more

Harpers Luxury Gifts: chocolate bouquets, candy blossom trees

Sandy Spider Gifts: t-shirts about chocolate, tennis shoe with chocolate design, mug with chocolate design

Chocolate Gifts for Her: chocolate brown and diamond jewelry, chocolate liquers, chocolate scented shower gel

Cupcakes … I dream of cupcakes

It’s all about cupcakes…

I ran across a link to cupcakes the other day and was inspired. Admittedly, I have a sweet tooth and would prefer to eat my dessert first at a meal. But I hold back, sometimes with great effort. For those of you who also have a love affair with dessert…in particular cupcakes…here are some great links, which also have some intriguing links of their own:

Cupcake Project -Learn how to make a cupcake in a real egg, just one fun example.

Muffin Tin Mania -Maybe not all cupcakes, but yummm!

Cake Spy -Another fun site that isn’t just about cupcakes.

Cupcake Bakeshop -Learn how to make a Cherry Bomb cupcake with meringue frosting. It looks to die for…

Diamonds for Dessert – Again, a site that has much more fun treats than just cupcakes.

I Heart Cupcakes -There are some excellent pictures here that show the process of making their cupcakes.

Little Ivy Cakes -How about some Buttered Popcorn Cupckaes? Or Mini Rice Krispie Treat Cupcakes?