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Uniform Desire anthology released

I am excited to be part of a new erotic romance anthology released from Black Velvet Seductions: Uniform Desires. This is hot, hot, hot!

There are eleven very different stories included in the collection, with something for everyone.

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UNIFORM DESIRE – story collection

HEARTS ABLAZE – Selkie McKatrick
Blaize and Toni were lovers years ago, and are flung together again, when Toni is brought in to investigate a possible insurance fraud following a fire at a rich girl’s home, and Blaize is accused of starting the fire. Toni still has feelings for Blaize and works to prove him innocent – but can they rekindle their former passion?

When Annabelle falls in lust with Kaden, the gorgeous handyman she hired, she is on the point of sharing her home with him; but there is one test to pass before they can become a couple. Kaden has built a woodshed in the garden, and today Annabelle will visit it for the first time. Can she be sure life as a submissive is for her?

Amelia lives a pristine life. It takes twin brothers, who tormented her at school, and are now hunky policemen, to shatter her sterile world and introduce her to every sexual pleasure imaginable!

THE PROMISE – Heather Walker
Lily Labelle has a guilty confession to make; she lusts after the handsome Father Zachary Blackthorne. But when Lily finally summons the courage to enter the confessional, Father Zac’s reaction is surprising, yet delicious.

Bree’s best friend, Holly, is a handful, and Bree tries to protect her from harm. In a bar, Bree meets Chase, whilst Holly is dancing with Tom, her man of the night. To ensure Holly is safe, Bree accepts Chase’s offer for the four of them to go to his apartment and, while Holly and Tom go for it in the bedroom, Bree and Chase get to know each other. A Navy SEAL, Chase is deployed for eight months, but will his return be all that Bree hopes for?

After Dustin’s fall from his horse he grudgingly accepts Karena as his nurse, but complains that the pants suit uniform she wears doesn’t help with his rehabilitation. Finally sick of Dustin’s attitude, Karena surprises Dustin with a change of uniform, with dynamite results!

ROOM 605 – Deborah Kelsey
Deborah and Jon are about to meet in person for the first time. Can they build on their long distance online relationship or will nerves get the better of them? What lies in store behind the door of Room 605?

Paige is leaving her job, and two of her gorgeous firefighter co-workers, Zander and Diego, invite her to join them at a leaving party. Paige takes a cab ride with Zander and Diego to their apartment, where a whole new world of sex opens up to Paige in a scorching hot and sexy threesome!

Lost in the Arizona desert Alicia stumbles upon a gang of Mexican drug dealers, but is rescued by a big, brawny patrol cop. The gangsters don’t give up without a fight, and Lieutenant Cody Shelton has to morph into his alter ego werewolf to subdue and arrest them. Alicia falls for Cody, but reckons without Cody’s she-wolf ex, who comes to claim him back in lupine form.

Haupsturmfurher Faber is no stranger to sexual liaisons in alleyways with willing young men, but there is something about his latest boy, Dieter. His admiration for the Sicherhitzdienst and its uniform lingers in both men’s memories after their brief encounter.

Zoe and Jordan’s relationship seems to be heading for the rocks as Marine Jordan is deployed, yet again, on Zoe’s birthday. Zoe is concerned that, since Jordan returned from his last time in the field, his interest in sex has bombed! Zoe’s lesbian friend, Penny, has a plan to help – a two girl, one guy threesome!



First Submission anthology released

61rH-mA+MFL._SX371_BO1,204,203,200_I am excited to announce the recent release of a seriously hot anthology, First Submission, from Black Velvet Seductions. Eleven authors are included: Mandie Mills, R.M. Olivia, Leslie McKelvey, Zora Nyxx, Breanna Hayse, Kelly Dawson, A. T. Brennan, Amanda Ravenscroft, Selkie McKatrick, S.K. Fero, and Starla Kaye.

This is a collection of red hot stories involving some of the firsts in life, including straight, gay, BDSM, domestic discipline, age play, and multiple partners.

The anthology is currently available as an ebook at Amazon.


STARLA KAYE: To Love, Honor, Obey… and Trust
Take off her panties. Why? “… Because knowing you are sitting at your desk with a bare bottom, which will be spanked later, will make you less pissy…” Did Abby believe he would carry out his threat? More so, could she trust him to give her exactly what she needed?

S.K. FERO: Whatever It Takes
Relationships are hard enough, but when an ultimatum is given, and a choice has to be made, things become hot. Will one dominant cowboy give his submission to the other to keep their romance alive? Sometimes sacrifice brings some unknown rewards.

MANDIE MILLS: The Initiation:
After accepting a mysterious invitation to a private kink club, Felicity’s domination and submission fantasies come to life in an adventurous evening of blindfolds, bondage and double penetration that includes a handsome stranger.

R.M. OLIVIA: An Anniversary Gift for Emily
Discouraged by the lack of spark in their marriage, Emily’s husband breaks into her diary to discover her hidden secret- a ménage! Would she be open to an interracial adventure with their sexy Latino neighbor? There is only one way to find out.

LESLIE MCKELVEY: The First Time… Again
Can Lila summon up the nerve to tell her easy-going and laid back boyfriend what is really on her mind? How would he receive her request to take charge and command control, tie her up and even spank her! She longed to submit but was he prepared to dominate? Once asked, there would be no going back.

Her marriage had fallen to the mundane, everyday life that left Lydia feeling empty and joyless. She needed a second chance to live again, clear on the other side of the country where she met Thorton- a powerful and dominating man who was not only able to awaken her sexuality but also claim her heart. That is- if she could bring herself to kneel before him.

BREANNA HAYSE: A Little Submission
Sharli’s no angel and her childish defiance has landed her in the police station. No amount of weaseling is going to stop her alpha male boyfriend from showing his love for his Little girl by putting her straight over his knee for a shocking bare-bottom spanking. Comforted in his strong, loving arms, Sharli realizes that she needs more than just a dom- she also needs a Daddy.

KELLY DAWSON: Subdued By The Lifeguard
Zane’s a surf lifeguard, trained and paid to rescue and protect, his watchful eye never missing a beat when it came to safety. His dominance flowed like the waves over the sand, drawing Lisa into its wake and daring her to challenge him. Would she risk drowning just for the chance that he could make her obey? Assuming, of course, that he would save her!

A.T. BRENNAN: A Valentine’s Surprise:
Lena and Kai decide to fulfill each other’s deepest fantasies for Valentine’s. She’ll wear a sexy PVC dress for him, and he brings his friend Taylor along so she can experience a threesome with two men. Two dominant alpha males and one sensual vixen make for a threesome to remember!

Christie has been successful at work, but something was missing from her life- the need to submit to a truly dominant man. Could this awakened need be fulfilled in the hands of Gerard, who holds to the old-fashioned beliefs of consent, respect, and compliance?

SELKIE McKATRICK: Eternal Submission
Do you believe in reincarnation and the paranormal?  When Dorrie submits her heart and soul to Eli, she never imagines being bound to him in another life as both his soul mate and submissive. If love truly is forever, then beware before you submit to its power in this thrilling romance.

Trusting Love Again released

trusting love again.inddI am always excited to announce the release of a new novella. TRUSTING LOVE AGAIN has just been published by Black Velvet Seductions. This is book one in my contemporary Wounded Hearts Series.


All she wants is to start over, live a peaceful life…

After an abusive marriage and an ugly divorce, Toni needs to rebuild her self-confidence and start a new life in her hometown. Going home again and confronting people she’d hurt when she’d left is never easy. She’d hung onto the idea of buying a long-abandoned old house and remodeling it to help her recover. But a man from her past has recently purchased it for his business. That’s her emotional breaking point and she does something reckless. Now she must pay the legal consequences of her foolish actions…by working for him.

All he wants is to focus on his work…

Chad’s job as a lawyer working to protect the rights of the abused elderly consumes his time and energy. It cost him his marriage and an aborted child he hadn’t known about. Now he works harder, guards his bruised heart. Yet the return of someone he’d held secret feelings for comes back to town. She upsets his world, starting with minor destruction of his business property and causing him minor injury. He shouldn’t become involved in helping this troubled woman, yet he can’t keep from doing so.

Two heart-damaged people have trouble trusting love again.


BUY LINKS:  Amazon     Barnes & Noble

Genre: Contemporary romance

Heat Rating: 3

Their Lady Gloriana re-release

TLG 2015.inddI am thrilled to share that my historical medieval romance THEIR LADY GLORIANA has been re-released. If you missed it originally, you won’t want to miss it now.

Book Title: Their Lady Gloriana

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Date Published: Re-release August 2015 (May 14, 2011 original release)

Genre: Historical, gay romance, ménage, medieval romance

Heat Rating: Steamy 5 flames

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BLURB – Their Lady Gloriana

In medieval times honorable men had to do what was required of them by the kings to whom they were loyal…

Thomas Lancaster, a widower with bad memories of marriage and a young son he barely knew was a hardened knight loyal to his king. In reward for his efforts fighting in the Crusades, King Edward gave him Middlemound Castle to hold for the crown. But the king decreed that he must marry the beautiful young widow of the castle’s previous lord.

Lady Gloriana Stewart had suffered brutally in her first marriage and had no desire to marry again. Yet she had no choice. She had to protect her people and obey her king.

All she wanted was for her new husband to give her a baby.
Having already lost one wife in childbirth, Thomas refused to even consider it.

Sir Rowan Montgomery, Thomas’s first knight, friend, and lover complicated the situation even more. Thomas didn’t want to give up Rowan and Gloriana didn’t want to admit she had feelings for her husband and for Rowan.

EXCERPT – PG13 – Their Lady Gloriana

Lady Gloriana could barely draw in a breath. Her life with Geoffrey had done this to her. He’d battled down her self-worth, her dreams of having a happy family, and her natural zest for life. She needed to find the strength to face this new marriage to this war-hardened warrior. She had to make him respect her. Most of all, she had to endure relations with him until he got her with child.

The great hall rang with the sounds of joyous reunions. She heard the deep tone of an unfamiliar voice. It rang with authority, with power, much like Geoffrey’s voice had. Yet something about it drew her instead of repelling her. Something about it called to her woman’s place and she felt warmth spreading there. The reaction surprised her.

Her focus moved to the raised dais. Two such different—and yet the same—men stood there drinking cups of ale. Neither smiled. Both seemed to study her.

Gerald guided her to the dais. “Lady Middlemound, my lord.” He nodded toward the two powerfully built men. “Lord Montrose, my lady. And Sir Montgomery, his first knight.”

“Thomas,” Lord Montrose said and stepped down in front of her. He towered over her by at least a foot. His breadth and brawn made her heart race. Yet she didn’t feel intimidated by him.

Then the other man stepped down. As she glanced up, he gave her a crooked smile. “And you may call me Rowan.”

She felt her heart race even more.

Crying – Don’t panic!

her cowboy's way 2015.inddI write romantic stories which involve emotions, including women occasionally crying. Most men, including my heroes, look at a woman crying and get panicky. Did they do something wrong? Can they help her? Should they flee for their lives? Sometimes my men are the reason for their woman’s tears. And they always comfort the woman they love…or attempt to anyway.



Benefits of crying

Crying helps get rid of stress hormones

Crying can brings the person closer to other  people (family, friends, husbands/lovers)

What makes a woman cry?

Hormones: Those crazy little devils inside a female body get to women at different times, more so during that phase of the month around the time of her period. The emotions can be all over the place, making crying impossible to stop.

Tear-Jerker Movies: A woman tends to become involved in the movie, particularly with certain characters. She cries because she’s happy about something happening to the character. Or crying is a reaction to something sad or tragic that happened.

Worry and Tension: A woman gets caught up in everything happening around her and in her life. Concerned about herself, her job, her husband/lover, her family and her friends can lead to bouts of crying.

Acts of Kindness: Women get touched emotionally by a gift received for no real reason, or an unexpected compliment. They can get misty eyed from receiving a card, a gift from a loved one, or even by getting an email or text with something said that touches their heart. This is happy crying.

Weddings: The act of witnessing a wedding can trigger tears. Women get emotional about the repeating of vows or the sharing of special vows written between the loving couple. Seeing your daughter going from your care into the care of whoever she is marrying can bring on a crying spell.

Saying Goodbye: There are so many times in life when we say goodbye to someone: going away for whatever length of time, moving away to start a new life, leaving a job and work friends, seeing a military family member or friend deploying. Crying is common during grieving at someone dying or after their passing.

Showing Anger: Sometimes a woman gets so upset in an argument that she cries. Or something happens to a child, a mate, or a friend and she cries in frustration, defense, or pure anger.

Remembering: A woman gets emotional thinking about something that happened in the past, good or bad. A crying session can happen when she sits and looks at old photos of family or friends. The memories are so touching.

Broken Heart: Love can be such an emotional thing for a woman that crying happens. The ups and the downs, the arguments and the making up. The discovery of special feelings for someone; the hurt when the feelings aren’t returned.


Top 10 Things that make Women Cry – http://listcrux.com/top-10-things-make-women-cry/

Why Women Cry (And Should!) – http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/good-to-cry


her cowboy's way 2015.inddHER COWBOY’S WAY – By Starla Kaye

Leslie McKelvey and Right Place, Right Time

right place right time lulu.inddI am happy to welcome Leslie McKelvey to my blog today with her new book RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME, from Black Velvet Seductions.





BLURB – Right Place, Right Time

While shooting pictures of a mama bear and her cubs in Rocky Mountain National Park, wildlife photographer Beth Drummond witnesses a murderous shootout and the violent deaths of four men.  When those responsible realize they’ve not only been seen but also photographed they give chase, determined to tie up loose ends.  Praying she can outdistance her pursuers Beth dashes headlong through the woods, intent on nothing but reaching safety.

When Special Agent Bear Bristol, on leave from the FBI, hears gunshots and sees the woman running for her life, he knows he must intervene.  He recognizes those giving chase and realizes that things are much worse than they seem.  A vicious cartel with a mole at the FBI has put a target on Beth’s back, and there is no one they can trust.  Unable to call for backup, Bear must keep Beth safe until they can figure out who the inside man is.

As they struggle to stay one step ahead of both corrupt law enforcement and the killers, they learn to trust one another and realize there is more between them than just friendship born of necessity.  Can they overcome the obstacles they face, or will they win the fight to live only to lose the battle to love?

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EXCERPT – Right Place, Right Time

Beth Drummond’s lungs burned and her heart raced as flew down the narrow, wooded trail, one hand tightly gripping her camera’s telephoto lens as she tried to shield it from the branches and brambles that ripped at her clothes and left red, angry scratches on her bare arms.  Blood roared in her ears, drowning out even the sounds of her footfalls.  She didn’t think the people who had been shooting at her had just given up and gone home, so she kept running, praying her legs would carry her to the ranger station.  If not, she’d run until she couldn’t or until they caught her.

The trail veered sharply to her left and she skidded to a stop, pressing close to a Rocky Mountain Maple.  She tried to breathe deeply and evenly, struggling to hear anything over the internal whush-whush of her loud, galloping pulse.  Moving slowly she peered around the trunk back up the trail.  Nothing.  But that didn’t mean they weren’t coming.  She was about to start running again when a pair of muscular arms snaked around her from behind and a large hand clamped itself over her mouth.  She inhaled sharply and thrashed about, trying to twist away from him but his grip only tightened, effectively immobilizing her.  She tried to kick, but he’d pinned her legs between his.  A turtle on its back should be so helpless.

Don’t move.”  The words were a harsh whisper in her ear.  “And don’t scream.”

She went stock still.  The hand was so big it covered nearly her entire face, and the body at her back was male, tall, broad, and hard.  The top of her head just reached his shoulder, and she felt the bunched muscles in his arms and chest as he held her close and tight.  Her throat closed up and her heart beat so hard and fast she thought it would burst, but she did as the stranger commanded.  Without a sound he pulled her away from the tree and backward into a stand of brush.  The thick branches closed around them like a cloak.



Leslie McKelveyLeslie McKelvey has been writing stories since she learned to write. Leslie read her first romance at 12 and was hooked. When her high school Creative Writing teacher told her she needed to be a novelist, she decided to give it a try. Finally, at the ripe old age of…forty-something…her debut novel, Accidental Affair made it into print through Black Velvet Seductions Publishing. Her follow-up novel, the second in the “Accidental Encounters” series, Right Place, Right Time, was released in January 2015. The third and final installment in the series, Her Sister’s Keeper, will follow shortly, and then it will be on to book #4, Runaway Heart.

Leslie is a war-veteran who served with the U.S. Navy during the Gulf War, and she was among the first groups of women to work the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. During her five years of service she was stationed at NAS Miramar (currently Marine Corps Air Station Miramar) and was an F-14 Tomcat plane captain and mechanic. While at Miramar she was sent on detachment to the aircraft carriers USS Independence, USS Ranger, USS Lincoln, and the USS Nimitz. The final two years of her enlistment were spent on Guam and her squadron frequently deployed to Japan and the Middle East.

She learned everything she knows about firearms and tactics from her police officer husband, who is a weapons expert and firearms instructor for one of the most highly-respected law-enforcement agencies in the world (and one he wishes her NOT to disclose). He is her biggest supporter and her unpaid consultant on everything law-enforcement and weapons related. She has three boys, the oldest of whom is a United States Marine (SEMPER FI!). She spends her off-time (kidding…WHAT off-time?) reading, taking pictures, and sending lead down range (that’s shooting, for those who are unfamiliar). One of her favorite scents is the smell of gunpowder in the morning….


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Teaser from Leslie McKelvey

Today I’m sharing a book teaser from my fellow Black Velvet Seductions author Leslie McKelvey. You won’t want to miss reading this book. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME is Book 2 in the Accidental Encounters series.

From Leslie McKelvey…

right place right time lulu.inddHere’s an excerpt from my new release, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME.

His heartbeat was steady and strong against her back, and she sent a silent prayer heavenward. Please, please, please let him be a good guy or, at least, not another bad guy. When she tried to move he tightened his hold on her waist, his lips near her ear.

“Not yet. They may double back.”

Beth jumped when a shout cut through the woods like an axe.

“Do you see her?”


The voices were close, too close, and she hunched back against him. Fear filled her in a cold, dark surge, but his presence was strangely comforting. Even when the three men joined up mere feet away he remained silent and motionless, seemingly unaffected by their proximity and their weapons. She fought the urge to turn and bury her face against the man’s chest, as if doing so would infuse her with his apparent calm. Her pulse neared heart attack range. She stared at the gun-wielding thugs and tried to regulate her breathing.

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Her Cowboy’s Way collection re-released

her cowboy's way 2015.inddHer Cowboy’s Way – Story Collection just released with a new cover and some updates.

Available at: AmazoniBooks, Kobo



OVERALL – Her Cowboy’s Way

Brandi has known Colby Pennington for most of her life and has loved him almost as long. Getting married, though, is a serious matter. The whole love, honor, and obey thing might be more than she can handle. Marriage is about an equal partnership, not having to follow anyone else’s rules. It is about having someone there whenever and wherever you want sex. Brandi is definitely okay with that part, especially with her sinfully handsome cowboy.


The Bride Wore Red

Brandi has known Colby Pennington for most of her life and has loved him almost as long. Getting married, though, is a serious matter. The whole love, honor, and obey thing might be more than she can handle.  Marriage is about an equal partnership, not having to follow anyone else’s rules. It is about having someone there whenever and wherever you want sex. Brandi is definitely okay with that part, especially with her sinfully handsome cowboy.  But the obey issue, that Colby intends to take care of her in all ways—including occasionally warming her bottom…Well, it could be a deal breaker.

Misbehavin’ in Mexico

Brandi is excited to be on her honeymoon, away from her business, clients, and the demands of Colby’s ranch. She has her hunky cowboy all to herself in Cozumel and she wants nothing but fun, hot sex, more fun, and definitely more sex. Everything should be perfect… But she manages to push her limits with Colby and things turn “hotter” than she’d hoped for.

A Chocolate Kind of Day

The day doesn’t start off well and Brandi’s mood could be better. She’d crossed one of Colby’s lines between right and wrong and paid for it. When she finds a box of Godiva chocolates that she’d hidden away, her mood improves…even if her doctor and Colby warned her against eating too many chocolates.

Boredom = Trouble

Brandi has fallen into a b-o-r-i-n-g rut and needs a change. Colby doesn’t like changes except when it comes to making love with his wife. She can’t veer away from the same old breakfast every morning, basic meals of meat and potatoes, making sure the ranch’s accounting is kept up, household chores done. Above all, she is to leave cleaning up the garage to him. But she’s bored and he never seems to have the time so…for several reasons, she should have listened to his warning.

Naughty in Vegas

Brandi has been looking forward to Colby’s surprise gift of a trip to Las Vegas. She wants to have fun at the slots, but is determined to stick with the spending limit he’d given her. She doesn’t want to get on his bad side; instead she wants to be very “naughty” on this special trip. Colby is definitely in for a surprise of his own.

Warm All Over

Making promises and holding to them is important. Brandi really meant to run the small errand Colby had asked of her. She’d meant to stick to their agreed upon budget when she’d gone shopping. She’d meant to stick to the speed limit. All the “meant to’s” didn’t cut it with him this time. Still, after he’d “warmed” her up, she brings out something special she’d bought for loving her husband and the night gets even hotter.

Needing Her Cowboy

Brandi’s tax business has driven her crazy lately, the pressures wearing her down. Making it all worse, Colby has been away on a business trip and she feels like he has abandoned her. She needs him home to help her calm down in his special way and to love her in his sheet-blazing round of cowboy-does-his-wife-good style.

The Cattleman’s Ball

Brandi just wants to stay home on this cold, dreary night, take a hot bath, and snuggle next to Colby. She isn’t in a partying mood. But Colby insists they go to the annual Cattleman’s Ball, won’t change his mind no matter how tempting an offer she makes him. It takes some extra “incentive” to improve her attitude and agree to go. And she’s curious about why he is so determined to go.

Gobble, Gobble…Grumble, Grumble 

“It’s just a family meal” Colby had said. Was he nuts? It’s the first meal she was making for his family since they’d gotten married. She was a crazy woman and getting crazier by the second. Everything has to be perfect. Colby doesn’t like seeing her this way, doesn’t like worrying about her. She needs to get her act together or risk his taking her in hand to help calm her down.

Christmas Crazy  

It’s almost Christmas, there are a gazillion things to do, and Brandi has a miserable cold. Can it get any worse? Yes, her husband could get seriously into mother hen mode! He worries about her, wants her to stay in bed and is ready to make sure she does. But then later…yes, she’s very glad she married this hot stud of a cowboy.

REVIEW at: Queen of the Night Reviews   4 Stars

New and Coming from Black Velvet Seductions

Here are some exciting new romantic books recently released and coming soon from Black Velvet Seductions.

the white spider of savignacTHE WHITE SPIDER OF SAVIGNAC by V. L. Smith has recently been released.

Genre: Historical romance

Page Length: 264 pages



BUY LINKS: Amazon      Barnes & Noble      Kobo


When Sir John FitzAlan, lord of an elite mercenary company, is rewarded with the Aquitainian barony of Savignac by Richard Lionheart, his future seems straightforward enough: restore a neglected estate to readiness for war and make the best he can of an arranged marriage to its baroness, Mellisande, a woman he has never met.

Twice-widowed Mellisande, however, is in no mood for a third marriage. Far from the demure chatelaine John expects, she is an expert vintner and herbalist – skills her people, and the local bishop, suspect she used to murder her two previous husbands.

As John’s disciplined soldiers clash with the unruly local people, and relations with his wife grow colder, John begins to wonder if the tales told of her are true. Will he be Mellisande’s next victim?


Playing By His RulesPLAYING BY HIS RULES by Glenda Horsfall coming soon! To be released April 7th. This is the much awaited follow up to Glenda’s debut novel, Playing for Keeps.

Genre: Contemporary romance, BDSM, erotic

Rating: Sizzling hot 5 flames


BUY LINK for preorder:   Amazon


Xander Doumas, wealthy, intelligent and gorgeous entrepreneur was not amused when pictures from within his private playroom started to appear in the gossip rags and on social media. The embarrassment caused to his family made him decide to take a break from the media spotlight and isolate himself on his remote Scottish island.

Chloe Davies had survived an abusive relationship but needed to relocate so she was no longer around when her ex was released, after serving the prison sentence he had been given for assaulting her. When she saw Xander’s ad for a Girl Friday she thought the job would be the answer to her prayers.

At her interview, Xander offered her an entirely different position. Short on funds and desperate to escape the clutches of her ex, she reluctantly agreed to become his mistress. Only after she had signed his confidentiality agreement did she realize that she had delivered herself into the hands of a Dominant.

Isolated on his island with Chloe, Xander still smarting from having his trust betrayed, struggled to trust Chloe as much as she struggled to submit to him.


right place right time lulu.inddRIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME by Leslie McKelvey released January 31, 2015. This is the second book in the Accidental Encounters series.

Genre: Contemporary romance, contemporary suspense

Page Length: 320 pages


BUY LINKS:   Amazon      Barnes & Noble      Kobo


While shooting pictures of a mama bear and her cubs in Rocky Mountain National Park, wildlife photographer Beth Drummond witnesses a murderous shootout and the violent deaths of four men. When those responsible realize they’ve not only been seen but also photographed they give chase, determined to tie up loose ends. Praying she can outdistance her pursuers Beth dashes headlong through the woods, intent on nothing but reaching safety.

When Special Agent Bear Bristol, on leave from the FBI, hears gunshots and sees the woman running for her life, he knows he must intervene. He recognizes those who are chasing her and realizes that things are much worse than they seem. A vicious cartel with a mole at the FBI has put a target on Beth’s back, and there is no one they can trust. Unable to call for backup, Bear must keep Beth safe until they can figure out who the inside man is.

As they struggle to stay one step ahead of both corrupt law enforcement and the killers they learn to trust one another, and realize there is more between them than just friendship born of necessity. Can they overcome the obstacles they face, or will they win the fight to live only to lose the battle to love?

Cowboys in Charge…oh my!

Cowboys in Charge 2015.inddI am excited to announce that Cowboys in Charge, a short story collection originally released in 2011 has been revised and strengthened. The new version is now available in paperback and ebook format.

Cowboys in Charge includes seven stories of strong, loving cowboys and the women who try their patience. These are romantic stories with a touch of domestic discipline/spanking.


Snowed in with Her Cowboy

James wants Kelly to quit work and start a family, but she resists the idea. Will he give up the idea of a family or will he give up Kelly?

Too Much Red at Christmas Time

Lizzie has a bizarre addiction to Christmas shopping and she can’t help herself, even knowing she will face the wrath of her husband who believes in domestic discipline.

For the Love of His Cowgirl

Amber missed the fun little games she and Adam used to play. There never seemed to be time for steamy sex, or even the spankings he’d occasionally given her for various infractions of rules or for misbehavior. Could she entice him back, get the dwindling fires of their love going again?

Cowboys and Their Toys

Jennifer loved Jason and she’d trusted him as he led her into the BDSM lifestyle. But now he wanted to take things to a more intense level and she balked at it. Would she lose him if she didn’t agree to go 24/7?

Naughty, Naughty Cowgirl

Spankings had not solved all of their problems. Justin had known something was wrong with Nicci. He knew he should have tried to talk to her sooner, but he’d avoided that until she moved out and shattered him.

All I Want for Christmas (Biggest Prize Ever)

Krystal loved the bad-ass bull rider, but she wasn’t into sharing Ryan with all of the rodeo bunnies who lusted after him. She’d spent too many years living for his visits home. It was time to move on and find someone she could depend on to be there all of the time.

A Special Gift for Her Cowboy

Christina wanted time and attention from Joshua but he’d become sour, lost his sense of humor, rarely made love to her. He hadn’t even spanked her in months. She’s not willing to give up on her cowboy. Maybe a Christmas gift on the edgy side will help win him back.



Barnes & Noble



By Starla Kaye

I love writing holiday stories

I love everything to do with holidays this time of year, especially Christmas. The lights, the get-togethers with friends and family, the goodies, and so much more. And I really enjoy writing holiday stories.

The following are some of the ones I have written in the last few years:

New coverHolly’s Big, Bad Santa:  A second chance at love story, from Black Velvet Seductions

Jared had left Danville, Kansas, a confused and angry teenager. The black sheep of his family, he’d done his best not to look back. Then a letter from home made it impossible for him to stay away.

Holly was leaving Danville for a new life in California. Suddenly he was desperate to return home, to convince her to build a life with him.

But convincing Holly proved to be more difficult than he’d thought. Holly had always loved Jared, but after fifteen years she’d given up hope of him returning to Danville and she’d decided to move on with her life, a life which didn’t include Jared.


northNorth Pole Magic: A boxed set of three stories about Kris Kringle’s grown children and his desire for grandchildren, from Blushing Books

The first story, All He Wants for Christmas, focuses on Santa’s daughter, Merry. Kris decides to play matchmaker between Merry and a cowboy, Nick Holiday, who had strayed away from celebrating Christmas. Merry has driven her father crazy long enough. Kris believes it’s time for another man to love and tame her wild ways. He gives her the task of working as Nick’s cook at his ranch and bringing him back to Christmas, healing his emotional wounds…or else be assigned the unpleasant, permanent role of manager of the Toy Factory.

The second story, Santa’s Surprise, focuses on Santa’s oldest son, Nicholas. Kris decides it’s time to retire as Santa and pass the role onto Nicholas, who also needs to get married and work on the grandchildren Kris wants. Nick has never wanted to take over the Santa role and steers clear of anything Santa related, going so far as to move to Kauai and run a tourist business there. Misty (Mistletoe) McGuire, a sexy little Hawaiian who collects Santa figurines and runs a Christmas shop, comes into his life and suddenly his world is changing. His dad is persistent. He is resistant. And Misty is caught in the middle of it all.

The final story, His Only Wish, Santa focuses on his youngest son, Pere Noel. Kris unhappily discovers that Pere has been lying to him. While visiting one day with his old friend, Pere Fouettard, the two fathers discover that their children have been married for almost seven years. Pere Kringle (now going by Perry Ingle) agreed to a marriage of convenience with Nikki Fouettard (now going by Nikki Ambrose) to keep both of their families from harassing them into getting married, when neither were ready to settle down. Now they must face their families, face the identity lies both have told, and discover the real reason neither have filed for an annulment.

ohsoniceandnaughty 200x300Oh So Nice…and Naughty: The boy from her past is now grown up and she wants…, from Blushing Books

Oh So Nice… and Naughty Kandee O’Connor left her home town as soon as she could, heart-bruised, and determined to never return for more than a visit. But she’s tired of her career that has kept her too busy for any kind of relationship, even for losing her virginity. Now she’s gone home and comes face-to-face with the boy – now a man – who was partly responsible for why she’d left all those years ago. Her feelings are stronger than ever for him … and she wants him to help her with the virginity problem, but that’s all. Right?

Sean Masters left his home town and became a successful pro-football quarterback, but now his football career is over. He’s lost, expected to take over the family ranch, but doubts he can do it. His life is a mess. Then he runs into Kandee, a girl – now a beautiful woman – who he still feels guilt over for something that happened when she was sixteen. In some twisted way, she wants him to right the wrong he’d done her. She wants him to be her first lover.

NEW Cover 9-10Santa Wears Spurs: She wants this cowboy for her love slave, from Blushing Books

Roxie Evans had left California, her wealthy but distant family, and a former fiance‚ who’d turned out to be Very Mr. Wrong. She’d moved halfway across the country to begin a new life as a librarian and try to find a happily-ever-after kind of man. What she found was a cowboy with a reputation as the best sweet-talker in the state. They had nothing in common, except an attraction that took them both by surprise. When he approached her to be Santa’s helper this year at the ranchers association’s Christmas party, she’d teased him about what he was prepared to offer her in exchange for saying yes. He mentioned several possible enticements: one was taking her over his knee and encouraging her agreement by warming her bottom; another was offering to be her love slave. Both suggestions were not really serious ones. Until Roxie decided to call his bluff and accepted the love slave offer, thinking her acceptance not serious either. But as it turned out, he was serious.

Love slave? Well, hell, who was he to turn down such an opportunity! Dexter Malone could certainly do his civic duty by acting as Santa, and as offering his body to the pretty new woman in town. ‘Course he figured they’d really only have a night or two of some mutually agreed upon fun. Then he’d go his way, as usual, and she would go hers. He sure hadn’t counted on losing his heart to a woman who enjoyed sex, sensual fun, and a playful spanking as much as he did.

Holly’s Big, Bad Santa’s contest

New coverI am celebrating the release of a revised and lengthened Holly’s Big, Bad Santa, from Black Velvet Seductions.

I had fun writing the original version, but I had the chance to update it and incorporate suggestions from prior readers. I fell in love with the hero even more this time, as did a reviewer at Amazon, who said: “I love Jared’s cocky ‘I was a jerk but I am going to get my girl’ attitude and Holly’s ‘the Hell you will attitude.’”

At this time of year, I love doing contests and giving things away.



Santa mugMY CONTEST: Leave a brief comment about your favorite thing about the holiday season and your email address. One lucky winner will win a “Sorry Santa Naughty Feels Just Too Nice” cup and a second small surprise gift. The winner will be chosen December 15.

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