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Ann Raina with The Secretary’s Bodyguard

the secretarys bodyguard_darkhairI am pleased to welcome back Ann Raina with her first book in a new series, THE SECRETARY’S BODYGUARD.

BLURB – The Secretary’s Bodyguard

Ethan Mahoney loves his wife dearly and arranges for her to accompany him on his assignment as bodyguard of the Secretary of State to Colombia. The journey ends in a fiasco that leaves the secretary and his entourage stranded in the Colombian woods with terrorists on their heels, not knowing if they will survive and find their way back to civilization.

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Before we get more into the story, let’s take a moment to talk to Jazmin and Ethan from The Secretary’s Bodyguard.

Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Jazmin: I was born in Colombia, but my parents moved with me to Washington, D.C. I worked as a police officer when I met with this…

Ethan: Don’t say something wrong. I saw you first in that snug police uniform and knew instantly I should ask you out.

Jazmin: No, the first thing you said was ‘You can’t get through here’ with that totally down-to-business-voice. You tried to shy me off though I was on duty!

Ethan: It wasn’t your business and I was just being polite to tell you.

Jazmin: Anyway, when your boss had cleared the situation you did ask me out.

Ethan (sighing): And you made an entrance I’ll never forget—that dress, that smile…

Jazmin: I remember that you knocked the chair over and blamed it on the wind.

Ethan: It was windy.

Jazmin: Yep, almost a storm.

And that was the beginning of your relationship?

Ethan: I knew she was the right woman. She’s just…adorable. Lovely. The best wife any man could have.

Jazmin: You were the butt of jokes for a week because you couldn’t stop babbling about me to your friends.

Ethan: I’m still telling everyone about you.

Jazmin: Oh, come on! Stop that macho grin!

Ethan: I’m not macho!

Jazmin (laughing): No, you were born with a ramrod as a spine and just turned out to be a bodyguard.

What are a couple of random thoughts about yourself that will surprise the readers?

Ethan: We’re an old-fashioned couple. She does what I say.

Jazmin: You wish. No, really, I don’t think that old-fashioned nails it. I’m a working woman, I can take care of myself. And I proved it more than once.

Ethan: And you almost caused me a heart attack!

Jazmin: That was just because you didn’t trust in my abilities!

Ethan: Sorry, but when my wife moves out of safety to face a killer I’m a tad nervous!

Jazmin (soothing): It worked out. I’m fine. We won. That’s what counts, right?

What makes you blush?

Ethan: I never blush!!

Jazmin: I do. If Ethan leaves his non-telling, always low-key expression mode and kisses me full throttle in front of strangers. That’s…

Ethan (quietly): Love.

What do you think about “love and romance”?

Ethan: It’s essential in life. I put the love for my wife above everything. Period.

Jazmin: He truly means it. And I’d lie if I said anything against it. He’s a tiger when it comes to protecting me. He’d turn the world—and he has—to make sure that I’m safe. That’s the greatest love ever known. And romance? Well, I guess, it comes with it. The quiet moment after the danger’s over…precious.

Who took the first step in heating things up between you?

Jazmin: Aw, that would’ve been me. Ethan was just too polite and too…

Ethan: I’d have made my step, don’t you worry.

Jazmin: I knew what my captain wanted. I could read in his eyes from the beginning. And since he’s been the right man in everything, I made the step and invited him.

Ethan: You call this an invitation? Princess, you took me without holding back.

Jazmin: Not more than you wanted to give.

Ethan (clears his throat): I—

Jazmin (distinct glance): You lose the argument.

Would you rather be caught in a wild moment of passion or tied down and taken?

Ethan: A bedroom question? Really? That’s really not—

Jazmin: Yes to both. He’s a tiger. In all ways.

Okay, so what is the kinkiest sexual thing you’ve ever done?

Ethan (exchanging glances with Jazmin): Sex in the Jacuzzi?

Jazmin: You tied-up in the hotel room?

Ethan: Not going into detail.

Jazmin: No, don’t want to shock anyone. And, captain, you just blushed!!

Who made the first compromise in your relationship?

Jazmin: I did. I quit working for the police in D.C. because Ethan was always on edge when I went to work. He’s working as a bodyguard for the Secretary of State. I wouldn’t want him to be distracted. He shouldn’t worry about me when on duty.

Ethan: I’m glad she quit. She’s right—I was always nervous, though I know she’s good. It’s just the way I am. I want her to be out of harm’s way. Well, at least I try to be ahead of her when she’s risking her life.

Jazmin (very quietly): I did what I had to do. It doesn’t mean that I like it.

Ethan (bends to kiss her): I love you, princess. Always.

Thanks for that…insight.

EXCERPT – The Secretary’s Bodyguard

The job of a bodyguard isn’t easy —


Jazmin winced. “You were shot! Oh, my god!” She took his face in both hands. “Captain, this isn’t nothing. Come, sit down on the bed. Let me have a look at it.”

“Jaz, it’s all right. The medic already stitched me up. Nothing—”

“If you say nothing to worry about one more time, I’ll give you something to worry about.”

Ethan smiled. “Okay, do what you have to do.” She directed him to the bed and he lay down slowly. He was exhausted suddenly, and Jazmin’s warm hands were consoling. He melted on the warm covers and his eyes closed all by themselves.

Jazmin carefully undid the gauze and scrutinized the wound and how the medic had dealt with it. “It’s a long scratch, but thin. Burnt at the edges. Six stitches.” She scolded him “That’s more than nothing, definitely.”

“Long distance rifle shot,” he murmured.

“The secretary?”

“He’s okay. Walter and Ryan were with him.”

“And the others?”

Ethan took a deep breath, recalling the moment of the attack. “Bodyguards okay, some passers-by and reporters might’ve been hit. I saw one person down. Walter sent me to the medic after we had Nolan safe in his room, and then when I returned, he told me he doesn’t need me tonight.” He opened his eyes again to watch Jazmin apply salve to the wound before she wound the bandage around once more. “What’s that for?”

“Old home remedy, made by Mamá. It’ll keep the itching away and help so the skin doesn’t tighten.”

“Thank you.”

She kissed him gently on the lips. “Always.”

“Don’t gimme that look, princess. You knew what kind of job I do when we met.”

“I’m not complaining. It’s just…I do worry, you know. That’s my job as your wife, and I’m determined to do it properly.”

“I’m fine.”

She slipped off the bed to help him out of his shoes, pants and socks. “Shall I order room service? Want anything?”

Ethan found it hard to form words. His brain had jumped to stand-by mode. “Something light, maybe. A salad?”

“Move up into the bed, captain, you might slip out any moment.”

Ethan pulled up his legs and she covered him. He felt her hand in his hair, and the soft caressing was all he needed to relax and let go.


andrea-sernaAUTHOR BIO – Ann Raina

Ann Raina lives in Germany with horse and cats. Riding and writing are her favorite hobbies (not every time in that order). For eXtasy Books she has written eight books, and two more with the wonderful couple Ethan and Jazmin are waiting in line. Her main interest is to show characters and their development under difficult circumstances and never forget that in every drama there are comical moments and fun. For further information turn to www.annraina.com. For contact write to [email protected]

Spotlight: Ann Raina – Kisses and Chains

kissesandchains72Today I am talking with Ann Raina, author of KISSES AND CHAINS, her latest release.

Before we get into specifics about her book, KISSES AND CHAINS, I’ve got some questions for Ann.

What can you share with the readers about yourself?

I started writing when I was in school. My first push to writing stories came with Star Wars. I loved the story, but there were only three movies. So I created more…

What drew you to being a writer, other than loving Star Wars?

My teachers at school encouraged me to write more than the usual interpretations of classic works or essays as homework. Although my stories back then were truly not brilliant, I had a teacher who offered to proofread them. He told me much about writing, styles, and character creation. I owe him a lot.

Do you have a muse?

Oh, yes! My muse works with me on every novel, from the first idea to the last scenes. She is the one who checks for logical breaks or brings in funny moments. And she never shies away from any subject.

Your muse sounds very helpful. Do you do anything special to get in the mood to write?

I love to write in the morning when no one else is around. It’s easier during winter time when it’s dark and cold. Then a nice place at the PC with the view through the window is great. In summer, I want to be outdoors, even in the morning. That’s the time of year when I need a push to write at all.

I, too, have a difficult time writing when my draw is to be outside in nice weather. How do you come up with a story line?

An idea hits me and I play it around in my mind. If it’s worth a thought more, I speak with my muse about it. Sometimes a story develops, sometimes we drop the idea because the story line is too thin.

What are you currently working on for your next book?

In my current work, I’ve come to a scene where I need a really good turn in the story, a solution that must be surprising and elegant. Since such an idea has not yet shown up, the work rests. So I’m spending time proofreading the last finished work that has yet to be contracted.

I understand about getting temporarily stuck on a project. It helps to work on something else until you figure out the answer you needed.

What was the most challenging book that you’ve written?

I wrote a historical romance with five different story lines to follow. I needed a complete overview where the characters stayed and how much time they needed to ride from one town to the other. I worked with maps and read a lot about traveling on horseback. In the end, all the people had to meet in one place and, yes, that was a challenge!

I’ve written historical novels, too, and understand how difficult it can be getting certain elements in the story to work. Definitely challenging.

How did you come up with the title of your latest book?

KISSES AND CHAINS was very fitting because the main character lives through the ordeal of being a prisoner to become the heroine’s lover. They escape together, but that’s only the beginning of their problems.

What was your favorite scene in KISSES AND CHAINS?

My first idea was the escape of the main character, Shian, from his pursuer. I had the scene in my mind and I wrote it down one evening. It came out just the way I wanted and this was a great feeling!

I understand how wonderful a feeling it is too basically get lucky writing a particular scene.

Do you have a favorite character in KISSES AND CHAINS, and why?

It didn’t happen for the first time that a side character developed into a leading character. I’m not sure that I directed this development. The assistant of the local owner of all the workers, Draneiki, is at first very dedicated to his employer, but changes to a man with a different view on the events taking place around him. He becomes a critic, but still cannot deny who he is–not a hero, that’s for sure, but a man to be liked and respected.

Ann, thanks for sharing some thoughts about writing KISSES AND CHAINS with us. Now we can get into the specifics of the book.


By Ann Raina

Release date: 03/01/2015

Publisher: eXtasy Books

BUY LINK:  Extasy Books


On the run, Shian takes a spaceship to Radavé, not knowing that his life will be turned upside down. Culma Verde, a headhunter, is on his heels and known to never give up. Can his new love Keila help Shian out?


Shian wanted to embrace her, but the chains did not allow it. He cursed without words. The restrictions reminded him every minute that he was nothing but a piece of Delion’s valuable collection.

Keila sighed. “So I sit here on the estate of my father, wait for the right man, and until that happens, I have not much to do.” She put away the glass and caressed Shian’s face. She smiled through sadness. “I should not bring this upon you. I’ve been bored and frustrated for a long time. You’ve brought some light back to my life. So you’d better forget what I said.”

“I guess I understand you better than you think. You sit in a cage, too, and don’t know how to escape. It’s just that you don’t wear the chains in the open.”

Keila kissed him tenderly, playing her tongue in his mouth. When he went along, she slipped from the couch to get closer and the kiss got wilder.

“I want you,” she whispered. “I wanted you from the first day. I haven’t felt so alive for a long time.”

“But I’m not allowed to—”

“I know, but I want you. Please, Shian, please.”

Shian had never been asked more nicely, but still her father’s threat rang in his ears. He should not try and get closer to any woman, especially not the most valuable firstborn daughter. Get your hands off her! That’s madness!

When he didn’t respond, Keila drew back.

“It’s not that I don’t want you,” he confessed quietly, looking down at the chains holding him. “But I’m not out for castration if your father finds us.”

“You are right.” She licked her lips and a mischievous smile played around the corners of her mouth. She was blushing and looked very lovely. “I have to make better preparations.”

“You will—”

She put a finger on his lips. “I will find a way.”


Ann Raina lives and works in Germany. Besides writing, riding is one of her favorite hobbies. She loves to be outdoors and enjoy the woods in her region. She’s also a gardener and a baker if time allows. With eXtasy Books, she has published eight novels so far, and a new erotic romance is a work in progress.


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