Submission Elements: Query Letters

At this point you have finished your writing project, researched out possible literary agents or publishing houses to approach, and are ready for the next step in the process: querying an editor or agent.

How you approach and prepare your query letter is very important. A poorly done query letter can you get your work immediately rejected or tossed aside for eventual consideration. That should not be your goal. Your goal is to present yourself as a professional, show your respect of the professional you are querying, and enticing that person to request to see all of your finished work, or at least a partial submission.

I will go into writing a synopsis in my next post, and follow that with several other of what I consider the submission process elements.

As always, I have added the article on Submission Elements: Query Letters to the Writing Tips on this blog (under My Writing Tips: Finished Product) and to the Writing Tools on my website.

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