Submission Elements: Fictional Blurb

I apologize for taking so long to add a new post here, but I have been busy redoing my entire website. This has included re-entering all of the previous writers tools from the old website and blog.  If you go to my new website (, you will see new drop-down lists at the top. This Writing Tips Blog is listed under Writers Tools. Please continue to check back with this blog and all other parts of the website for new releases, new blog posts, the occasional contest, and eventually some other “fun” stuff.

Back to business now… Another part of the submission process is writing a blurb, a very short summary of the novel. There are specific reasons for preparing a blurb, more than just because an editor may ask you to do so. For the full article look under the Writers Tools, under The Finished Product or use this direct link to The Blurb.

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