I am welcoming Cara Bristol today as my guest author. Cara, per her website, “writes erotic stories to light your fire” for Black Velvet Seductions and Loose Id.

Cara’s thoughts on seduction…

Remember a time when you were seduced by a decadent dessert? You promised yourself you’d be good, but the tantalizing smell, the mouth-watering taste and the sinfully rich texture was too enticing to resist.

Part of what makes rich desserts tempting is that you know you shouldn’t indulge, but you want to. You pull away, but the temptation pushes you forward.

That kind of ambivalence is what I find so intriguing about seduction. Seduction is being lured or enticed to do something that you know you shouldn’t – or have good reason not to. Seduction pits heated emotion against cold reason, heart against mind.

Seduction is a dance of desire and resistance, two steps forward, one step back on an inexorable slide toward capitulation. It means grasping for the inevitable all the while protesting you don’t want it.


What are your reading and writing genre preferences?

I adore seduction in a romance novel. I’ve read probably thousands of romances in my entire life, so it’s no surprise that I started writing them. My preferred subgenre to read (and write) is contemporary erotic romance. I like the here and now, the parallel to real life because it allows me to identify with the heroine and fall in love with hero.

But I also enjoy historical erotic romance, particularly Regency, and to a lesser degree, bdsm. The latter two subgenres are not as disparate as they might seem. In Regency, the heroine is usually a virgin (occasionally a young widow) making her debut into polite society whereupon she meets a handsome rake. Knowing that to succumb to his charms means defiling her reputation, she attempts to resist his powers of seduction. But she’s playing tug-of-war on a team that is a couple of team members short because her heart and body are on his side. So succumb she does.

While domination and submission might appear to make seduction unnecessary in bdsm fiction, seduction still plays a major role. Often, the Dominant gains control over the submissive one step at a time as he leads the sub down a path of discovery to her true nature. In many bdsm novels, either the heroine doesn’t realize she is a submissive or has had a bad experience in the past, which requires the Dom to coax her compliance. The no-no-yes-YES of seduction merely is played out in a ritualistic fashion. Through Dom’s discipline, the sub comes to realize her true feelings. Although, I’m not particularly drawn to the master/slave language and the stylized rituals, I appreciate the seduction inherent in the subgenre.


How do you use seduction in your books?

I incorporate seduction into the erotic romances I write. I want the heroine to fight her attraction for the hero—yet succumb to it. I want the hero to work to achieve her capitulation, to coax her into admitting her feelings. Seduction becomes foreplay that occurs outside the bedroom.

In Intimate Submission, my erotic romance published by Black Velvet Seductions, heroine Jamie is floored by an overpowering attraction to the man interviewing her for a job. She capitulates to his sexual lure—but finds a way to withhold something of herself to retain a semblance of control. That of course, drives him crazy.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary

Length: Short Story

Buy Link: Black Velvet Seductions (available only as a PDF download)






In Secret Desires, also published by BVS, Morgan is head over heels in love with Jack—but doesn’t want to marry him. Both want more from the relationship than they’re getting, but each is afraid to tell the other what they want. It isn’t until Morgan pushes Jack’s patience to the limit that they reveal their true feelings. And even then Morgan is torn, wondering what the price for fulfillment will cost her. Push and pull. Give and withhold.

Genre:  Erotic Contemporary

Length:  Short Story

Buy Link:  Black Velvet Seductions (available as a PDF download)

Included in the Spanked! anthology





In Unexpected Consequences, newlywed Melania plans to employ her powers of seduction to avoid being disciplined by her husband.  But Jared’s will is a lot stronger than Melania realizes. Unexpected Consequences is under contract with Loose Id and will be published in the near future.

When I think of seduction, I often think of an old Star Trek line uttered by the half-human half machine Borg: “resistance is futile.” I just love that.



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  1. Cara Bristol

    Thanks for having me, Starla. BTW, I’m reading your novel, Their Lady Gloriana. It’s quite spicy! I especially like the relationship between Rowan and Thomas — I like that their personal relationship is on an equal footing. And Gloriana is quite sassy!

    I recently found out that Unexpected Consequences, my domestic discipline/erotic romance, will be released by Loose Id on September 20.

  2. Valerie Mann

    Cara, I agree…a well-done, well-written seduction is the stuff that makes my heart pound and tummy do that little swirly thing. Best of luck with your writing and I’m going to go check out your books!!

  3. Vivien Jackson

    Exactly! For me as a reader, the dance is so much more compelling than the capitulation, which is why novels that begin with the sex scenes, before I know the characters and their whole shouldn’t-but-gotta conflicts, never resonate for me. And it was also clever of you to begin the discussion of seduction with a nod to dessert. Lord, those things have seduced me, but I resist!

  4. Cara Bristol

    I agree, Vivian. I want to know the characters first, also. And while there is a place in erotic romance for wham-bam-thank-you-maam, pin-her-against-the-wall sex, I don’t find it erotic as the first sex scene in the book. I want a slow simmer that builds up to a full boil.

  5. Starla Kaye

    Congrats on your upcoming release date! I’m sure you’ll sell great.

    Yes, Rowan and Thomas were pretty equal men, which I prefer. I like strong men, complex men, with tender hearts that struggle in relationships. In this case they also struggled with their own relationship. There was certainly no gentle seduction involved between them and it wouldn’t have fit in their situation.


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