Starla Kaye’s guest author Berengaria Brown writes seriously hot stuff

My special guest author today is Berengaria Brown, who writes for Siren Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Evernight Publishing, Aspen Mountain Press, and Logical-Lust. Her website doesn’t have theme words to quote, but when you first see the home page, you know what she writes: seriously hot stuff. Have a fan handy when you look at her covers.

Berengaria, what made you decide to try and be a published author?

I was a reader long before I was an author. One day I had nothing new to read and didn’t want to reread any old favorites, so I sat down and started to write a book. After it was finished, I still didn’t have anything to read, so I write another one. And another one. The rest, as they say, is history.

(Starla) And quite a history it is, considering all of the books you have published.

What is your main writing genre?

I write predominantly erotic romance (I have one published sweet romance). But because I like to read a wide variety of genres, that’s the way I write. I have more ménages than any other single group, and most are one woman/ two men, but some are MMF and others are MFM. Other ménages are FFM, MFMM, and MMM. I also write MM, FF and MF. Most of my books are contemporaries, but I have some Regency-set historicals (MF and FF), and a range of paranormals, including ghosts, werewolves, vampires, various shapeshifters, and a fairy.

What do you want your readers to take from your books?

All my heroines and heroes are ordinary people with flaws. What matters is that they love each other. I have heroines who are too chubby, too tall, wear eyeglasses, are socially inept, have bad asthma, and are unemployed. Yet in every case there is someone/s who love/s them for the person they are inside. Every person, no matter how flawed or ordinary, deserves a happy ending.

(Starla) What a great answer and I totally agree.

What is your favorite part about building a story world?

The freedom to create and make my own rules. As long as the world is consistent, it can be whatever the author wants it to be.

Do you write a story clear to the end before doing more than simple editing? Or do you stop after each chapter and completely edit it before moving on?

I do a lot of thinking and planning before I start writing. Once the physical writing begins it happens comparatively quickly. I reread the newest scene when I start again each day/session, but not really edit until the end. Sometimes I go back when I’m writing and make a brief note along the lines of “This beach needs sand dunes between the road and the sea, so they have privacy to have sex.”

What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

Characters just turn up in my head and start taking to me. The book develops from there, once I understand what they want.

How do you deal with rejection?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first book or your twentieth. Rejection always hurts. A baby you’ve worked hard on for weeks or months is sent out into the world and returned to you unloved. The same with a bad review. It may just be one person’s opinion but it still hurts. An author has to be strong, accept advice, and keep growing and progressing as best they can.

Now let’s talk about your July 20th release from Siren BookStrand…POSSESS ME

Genre:  Erotic Romance, Contemporary MFM

Length:  20,000 words

Publisher:  Siren BookStrand

Buy Link: Siren BookStrand

What do you see as unique about this particular book?

I created a brand-new world for this “Possessive Passions” series. It’s a hidden world, underground in rural USA, where brothers abduct a wife to share, and women are treasured possessions.

Was there anything that surprised you while writing this book?

The Grandparents’ Garden sort of took over the series. I used it for a scene in the first book and it just kept coming back and coming back, until it was in all three books.

Will there be any sequels to this book?

This is book 2 of “Possessive Passions”. Book 1 is “Shared Possession” and book 3 is coming soon, “Ultimate Possession”.


Shiloah, a New Thimphu native, is envious of her friend Chevaunne’s newfound happiness with her men and wants that kind of love for herself. She has enjoyed working with the luscious Stan and Goa on The Grandparents’ Garden. But now the project is finished, so how will she see them again?

Stan and Goa abduct Shiloah from the garden’s grand opening ceremony and make love to her all night long. The next day, she marries them both in a traditional ceremony. But when Shiloah and her men are offered the chance to run a farm aboveground, she has to consider her mother, Orna, who helps Shiloah run her business and is terrified of life outside the security of their community.

Shiloah is torn between loyalties. Can she find a way to keep everything that is dear to her—her mother, her business, and explosive sex with two men she loves?


Flower petals were strewn on the bed—pale pink roses, white jasmine, and gray-green, sharp-smelling eucalyptus leaves, contrasting with a deep burgundy-red blanket.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered softly.

Quickly the men undressed her, each removing a garment in turn. Then they laid her on the bed and tied her to the headboard with long, green silk scarves, which had been laying ready on the nightstand.

Then, to her astonishment, the men began a sing-song chant in deep, rich, baritone voices. The chant was the story of two brothers who had fallen in love with a woman and followed her from one side of the land to the other, promising her their never-ending love and attention. As they sang, Goa and Stan moved to sit on either side of her then trailed their hands over her feet, her ankles, her calves, gradually moving up her body as the heroes in the song crossed the land in pursuit of their bride.

The story was so beautiful Shiloah couldn’t help but be drawn into the passion of the two heroes desperately following the woman they loved, hoping against hope she would accept their devotion and marry them. But at the same time, her body was incredibly aroused by the men’s busy fingers, teasing and touching, tracing patterns on her skin, gradually, slowly—so very slowly—making their way up her legs toward her core.

She opened her legs wide, letting the knees fall onto the burgundy blanket, desperate for their fingers to reach the place she needed them most. When the lady in the song finally accepted the two traveling heroes and the story heroes held their lady in their arms, a tear trickled from Shiloah’s eye in relief. Now all she needed was her own two heroes to make her come, to claim her as theirs.

But their hands stopped on her upper thighs, resting on the sensitive, tender skin between her inner thighs and her groin. Urgently she thrust her hips up, indicating her need to Stan and Goa. She could feel the dampness on the inside of her thighs, feel how wet her pussy had become, and knew they had to have noticed the cream glistening on her nether lips.

“According to our traditions, we have abducted you to be our bride, Shiloah,” began Goa.

Stan continued. “To make you ours forever, we will fuck you in the cunt, the ass, and the mouth. Only when we have completed these three can we take you to the monk and be married.”

“The fucking we will do tonight. The wedding will be tomorrow. We’ve already asked Father Yeshe’s permission for the marriage to be scheduled for tomorrow morning.”

“Only one thing remains before we begin.”

Together they said, “Give us permission to enter your body, Shiloah. Say we can come in. Say yes.”

“Yes. Fuck me. Take me. It’s what I want more than anything.”

The words were hardly out of her mouth before Goa was untying her wrists and Stan was pulling a tiny bottle of oil from the nightstand drawer.

She sat up on her elbows and watched them undress. Neither of them wore an undershirt under their sparkling white shirts. Under their black denim jeans, Goa had a tiny pair of tighty-whities, and Stan wore an even tinier black G-string. Damn, they were both hot! She licked her lips, hoping she wasn’t drooling. Their cocks were long, hard, and bounced straight up once freed from their jeans. Goa’s had a very broad, flat head. Stan’s had just the slightest curve to one side. Both were deep red with need.

She opened her arms and urged them both to her. “Please, I need you both now. Please fuck me. I don’t want to wait another second.”


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  1. Valerie Mann

    Nice excerpt, Berengaria! I love a good menage story, especially when the men revere the woman. It’s a wonderful to watch the growth and development of the characters as they learn what pleases each other!


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