STARLA KAYE welcomes Raine Delight, writing scorching hot romance

Today I’m welcoming scorching hot romance writer Raine Delight to my blog. She is writing a paranormal, erotic romance series for Secret Cravings Publishing, Devon Falls. Currently she is promoting book three in the series, Devon Falls 3: Fiery Magic.


How do you respond to someone who says, “You write WHAT?”

Actually I normally smile and tell the person that they are not required to read it if they don’t but I enjoy it. Normally I get the sneers or the shocked looks of “How can you write that sort of filth?” until I mention they didn’t find their kids under the cabbage patch, now did they? J That normally has them shutting up and walking away.


What are your hobbies or other interests that get you away from the stress of writing?

I love to read, from urban fantasy/paranormal to GBLT stories ranging in genres. I also enjoy hiking with my family, watching movies and listening to music. I use this at night to relax and to let go of the stress of the day.


What is your favorite part about building a story world?

Creating a place where I can go nuts with. I love creating paranormal worlds where many of my favorite and unique creatures roam. *grins*


When do you get your best story ideas?

OH MY GOD…my muse loves to give me a story idea right when I am the cusp of falling asleep. Drives me completely nuts, I tell you. I have learned to put it down on paper or else I will forget it and trying to remember it the next morning drives me loony.


What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

I normally have a bare bones idea on something and it morphs from there. Sometimes it’s a character(s) or it can be a storyline that has me going “What if this happened?”


Do you have a writing schedule? How do you juggle writing, family, work, and life’s surprises?

I try to write on my lunch hour and on weekends though half the time I am working through my lunch hour. *sighs* I need a few clones or assistants just so they can do my day job and I can write.


Now let’s talk about your newest release Devon Falls 3: Fiery Magic

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: Novella

ISBN: 978-1-61885-038-6

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Buy Link: Secret Cravings Publishing

Release Date: October 12, 2011


Was there anything that surprised you while writing this book?

I think how sweet it was. Damien and Alicia are former lovers and for myself, I wanted to explore that question, Can love be sweeter the second time around? I never wrote a scene before involving a baby dying right after birth so this was hard to deal with but otherwise I felt it all clicked together nicely.


Did you have a favorite scene?

Oh go *laughs* One scene in particular had me cheering, especially when Alicia kicks out Damien after he returns to set things right with her and to help his family after his father semi-retires. For myself, showing how strong a woman Alicia was this time around, made me cheer while writing those scenes.



Damien Dracon is back in Devon Falls, and he is about to woo the one lady he left three years ago. Family secrets and youthful pride forced him to give up the one good thing in his life: the love of Alicia Stevens. What he doesn’t expect is that Alicia has a secret of her own, and it may just tear them apart. Can two former lovers find it in themselves to forgive one another and let love grow between them? Or will past secrets haunt them and tear them apart?

Author Note: This has been rewritten and reedited for Secret Cravings Publishing.



*please note that I will have to send you the excerpt once edits are cleared this week. I am unable to send an unedited copy at this time.*



Author Website: Raine Delight

Email: [email protected]






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