STARLA KAYE welcomes M L Guida, on Deep Point of View

Today I’m welcoming M. L. Guidato my guest author blog.

M.L. Guida writes paranormal romance.  She is pursuing her Master of Art in Creative Writing through Regis University.  She currently is a member of Colorado Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America and Savvy Authors. For the past two years, she was the newsletter editor for CRW and she was CRW’s Vice President for 2011.  M.L. Guida lives in Colorado and enjoys skiing, taking her cocker spaniel, Sadie, for walks and traveling.


Deep Point of View and Supernatural

One of the hardest writing tools I learned is deep point of view.  I struggle with this, but one of the shows that demonstrated deep point of view is Supernatural.  Eric Kripke is the original writer, director and producer of Supernatural.  The two main characters are two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester.  They are hunters of anything supernatural and are about as alpha male as you can get.  But what I like about the show is that Kripke peels away their outer defenses and shows the emotional turmoil within the characters without them turning sappy.

I actually bought the series to learn this technique.  Plus, I have to admit I love the series, but what I fell in love with is how the brothers fight with each other and learn to express their feelings.  Some of the shows are emotional while others hinge on being funny, which I believe is good writing.

One of my favorite emotional episodes is The Devil You Know, which is the last one in Season Five.  The devil possesses Sam and wants to find his younger brother, Adam, who is possessed by Saint Michael the Archangel.  Right before the final confrontation and Dean interfering, Kripke uses the Prophet to describe the importance of the Impala, which sets the scene.  Of course, I grew up in the 80’s and Kripke plays Def Leppard’s Pyromania as Dean drives the Impala to the battle scene.  I love it.  Talk about going deep.  If I could write like Kripke, I’d be a happy camper.

Kripke uses one liners to bring a chuckle.  It’s usually between the brothers.  For instance, in the episode, Monster Movie, Season Four,  Dean tells Sam that there is no way he would know his favorite movie.  Sam looks at him and says, Porky’s Two, which is so Dean.  The bantering between the two is hilarious.  Another funny line is when the brothers are investigating a haunted highway on episode, Roadkill and Dean finds a path and says “Follow the scary brick road.”  Dean or Sam say these funny liners throughout the series.

I can’t say I captured Kripke’s talent, but I tried to emulate him in my story.  Cassandra does have some great one liners and Eric bumbles as a dark demon on Earth.  Let’s just say in the Underworld demon men don’t dabble with courting.  I hope you enjoy my book and by the way, check out Supernatural.  Besides, how can you not fall in love with two ass kicking gorgeous brothers!


Give us two random thoughts about yourself, something that might surprise your readers.

I like to scuba dive and have always wanted to try shark diving.  I would love to see a great white, but I would be in a shark cage of course!

(Starla) You’re a very brave woman. I’m content with snorkeling…and NO sharks.


How and why did you decide to use a pen name? Do you have more than one?

I use my initials to write my paranormal romance.  With my young adult, I write under J.L. Bowen.  J is for my mother’s first name, L is for my father’s first name and my mother’s middle name and Bowen is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name.


What do you want your readers to take from your books?

I would like my readers to fall in love with my characters like I do.  With today’s stress at work or family or friends, readers need a world to escape and rejuvenate and I hope I can bring a smile to their face.


Describe your working environment.

I’m probably one of the worst writers in terms of writing habits.  I sit at my couch with my television on.  I need noise.  As I write this, I’m embarrassed to say I’m watching Scooby Doo – my favorite cartoon.  In my blog, I watched Supernatural when I was writing and it did help me write deeper.

(Starla) I can understand the needing noise thing. I always have the radio, the TV, or something on in the background.


Do you write a story clear to the end before doing more than simple editing? Or do you stop after each chapter and completely edit it before moving on?

I’m definitely a pantser which means I write the entire story before I edit.  I do some plotting but once my muse gets going, I can’t stop.


What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

Mmmm, that’s an interesting question.  An image comes to my mind and a picture of my characters.  Usually, something ignites an idea for me.  For instance in my story Cassandra, last year I saw a huge sinkhole in South America and I thought what if it went all the way to hell and then something crawled out of it?  My character, Eric Wyvern, Prince of the Dragon Demons, formed in my mind.

(Starla) Very interesting…a sinkhole to Hell. Creepy, too.


How do you deal with rejection?

I have a glass of red wine.  No seriously, I have a group of friends who I rely on for support.  They have always been there when I needed them most.  I don’t think I could have gotten through this without them. 

(Starla) Yes, a support group is The Best thing for a writer.


Now let’s talk some specifics about this upcoming release, Finding Ms. Wright

Title:  Finding Ms. Wright

Genre:  Paranormal Romance, anthology

ISBN-10:  0615528910

ISBN-13:  978-0615528915

Publisher:  Five Prince Publishing

Release Date:  November 15, 2011

Buy Link: Coming soon from Five Prince Publishing


Did you have a favorite character in this book?

One of my favorite characters is the Wraith.  She is mysterious, scary and powerful, but there is a twist at the end with her.


Did you have a favorite scene?

My favorite scene is when Eric is trapped in the dungeon and the terror that grips him.  The Chamber is not a fun to place to be half naked, dangling from chains.


Will there be any sequels to this book?

Oh yes!  Eric tries to protect his young nephew, Toby, from the other demons who have turned feral.  He is not totally successful and Toby’s story will be told in the sequel:  Ravaged Soul.











Demon Prince Eric Wyvern must have Cassandra. Boldly, he kidnaps the gifted psychic from a mountain inn, taking her to his dark underworld. Held captive, her key to freedom is agreeing to his terms. Neither expects to fall in love and unlock the secrets that can save both worlds. – M.L. Guida

Paranormal hunter Andrew Grant has less than a week to locate a stone and thwart a wizard’s bid for ultimate power. Sia holds the key to his success and to his heart. Only together can they discover love and save the world. – Hillary Seidl

Five hundred year old Prince Alexander needs a woman, and only archaeologist Evelyn will do. Their magical kiss sparks more than mere romance – it creates a key that will open their hearts to a true love that will save their worlds. – Lori Corsentino

Three men, each on a crucial mission to save their way of life, seek their true mates – women who unknowingly hold the key to their very survival.


EXCERPT My favorite scene

Deep in the bowels of Estragon’s dungeons, shrieks and screams bounced off the stone walls, driven by a pain so immense the high pitched sound echoed from wall to wall only to reach a crescendo of ear splitting agony before it withered and died in the futility of escape.  The pitiful pleas emanated from a dozen bared cells that contained male and female demons who remained normal, but Eric had been removed from his.  Taken to the Chamber – the last place he wanted to be.

Mortar blocks were suspended with thick iron rings and shackles every few paces. Low torches lit the stained red and black cobblestone floor, and whatever greenish foul smelling leaching dripped from the ceiling.  Slimy dark pools formed in the hollows of the lopsided cobble floor, the surfaces quivering with each new plop of added moisture.  Half naked, Eric dangled from chains that bit into his raw wrists. At a scratching sound, he turned his head and gazed with his left eye, since his right was swollen shut, at the ever present resident of his father’s dungeons – rats – well fed rats.  The rodents sat on their fat hunches watching him with their yellow eyes and licking their sharp teeth.  He pulled on his chains, but his wrists were bound high over his head and his ankles were shackled next to the wall.  Shit!   One of the rats itched towards him and sniffed.  His stomach tightened and he braced himself for a sharp pain.



Author Website:  M L Guida

Facebook:  Mary Guida

Twitter:  mlguida

Email:  [email protected]


4 thoughts on “STARLA KAYE welcomes M L Guida, on Deep Point of View

  1. mahalia levey

    Nice blog. I love Supernatural I was hooked when they used my hometown of Lawrence Kansas as the setting! But the two dynamic characters of Sam and Dean make the show riviting.

  2. ML Guida

    Hi Starla, Happy Friday! Thank you for having me today. I’m honored to have this privilege. I agree with Mahalia that Sam and Dean make the show. I love the angst they go through and I have to say I feel in love with them! If I had to choose which was my favorite, I’d have to say Sam, but I still love Dean’s one liners! ML Guida

  3. Carolena Torres

    ML. Enjoyed your blog. Who does your book covers?

    I am fairly new as a writer and was interested to learn that a pantser could write the whole book….and THEN edit. I am winding down with my story and have the ideas but seem to get slower and slower with putting it on paper.

    What’s the name of that song…”Pants on the Floor.” ????

    Keep it up. Carolena


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