STARLA KAYE welcomes erotica writer Louisa Bacio

I’m so happy to have you here today, Louisa.  While looking at your website, I came across your comment: She believes that everyone should have a little love, and a lot of pleasure, in their lives. It’s perfect for anyone, even better for an erotica writer.

(Louisa) Thanks so much for having me here, Starla. Want to say that I read “Maggie’s Secret Wish” this past week, and smoking hot! That’s 1 Night Stand that will last a long time!

(Starla) Maybe I shouldn’t have included your comment on the information you sent me, but how could I resist using it.




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What are your hobbies or other interests that get you away from the stress of writing?

Writing doesn’t stress me out. It’s all those other elements in life that keeps me from writing that causes the stress. In addition to writing, I also teach college. While I love connecting with students, grading is never fun. And, one of my ultimate pet peeves is plagiarism. Not only does it waste my time, but the student doesn’t learn anything.

That said, my favorite stress reliever is escaping to the beach. Something about the salty, cool breeze and silky sand between my toes revitalizes the soul. I enjoy camping near sea spots where I can hear the crashing waves.

(Starla) I also like “escaping to the beach” at least once a year. No beaches here in Kansas.


Give us two random thoughts about yourself, something that might surprise your readers.

I drive an SUV with carseats in the back, and I make my own limoncello.

(Starla) I had to look up a definition for “limoncello.” For anyone else who doesn’t know about it, limoncello is a liqueur made from fermented lemons and refreshing and light.


Have you faced a big writing challenge, other than just starting?

Time kills me. If all I had to do was write, I’d probably be well off (word-count-wise). But my youngest child is almost five. For the longest time, I’d attempt to write, and my husband would be supportive, but I couldn’t do much with a toddler crying on the other side of the door. (She had momma-out-of-sight separation issues.)

Biggest hurdle continues to be facing a deadline, and having life come at me. I’d love to be near deadline and NOT have my entire family get sick. We have all survived!

(Starla) Yes, writing with young children around can definitely be a challenge. But those years with your children pass all too quickly and you don’t want to miss out on being with them.


When do you get your best story ideas?

Dreams combined with real life. Sometimes I’ll see a “call for submissions” and think, “I have nothing for that anthology.” Then suddenly, an idea comes to me in a dream, or seemingly out of nowhere. It’s like I’ve let my imagination explore the possibilities.


Is there anything unusual about your writing habits?

For me, it’s normal. But, I’ve been told by many others that my panster, non-linear writing freaks them out. I’ve got most of the story in my head, but it doesn’t all come out in a chapter-by-chapter manner. At the end, I print everything, place it in a three-ring binder and then move it around and flesh out areas that need it.

(Starla) I’m a panster, too, but your style is new to me. I still write chapter-by-chapter and never move anything around. Interesting, your fitting-together-a-puzzle method.


How do you deal with rejection?

My first reaction is, “Not very good.” But, one has to realize that rejection will come along with acceptance. The key is to continue to submit. I’ve had stories rejected. I’ve scored low in contests. And guess what? Those same stories have sold.

(Starla) Great attitude! And congrats!


Do you have a writing schedule? How do you juggle writing, family, work, and life’s surprises?

I like to write everyday. I also know that isn’t always feasible because of family, work and those “surprises,” which honestly are never good. It’s never a “surprise” trip to Hawaii that distracts me, but instead a freelance project that pays well and I can’t say “no” to!

Most of the time, I tend to write late at night. That means after 11 p.m. when the household goes to sleep, and it’s quiet. I’m an only child and often I need that “alone” time to create.


Now lets talk some specifics about your book from Ravenous Romance, Sex University: All-Girls Academy

Title:  Sex University: All-Girls Academy

Genre:  Contemporary Erotic, f/f

Length:  50,000 words

Release Date: 7-1-2011

Publisher:  Ravenous Romance

Buy Link:  Ravenous Romance


What is unique to this particular book?

While m/m romances continue to gain in popularity, there doesn’t seem to be as much readership for lesbian romances. From a craft standpoint, while writing All-Girls Academy, I realized that my first two books dealt with a thriller aspect. This book focuses more on the characters and their lives. There’s no HUGE reveal. So the pacing was different.


Will there by any sequels to this book?

The storyline between Ms. Lucy and Clarissa is not complete yet. This book is a sequel to my first, Sex University: Physical Education. I’d like to write a f/f/m that completes the tale of Ms. Lucy, Clarissa and Clarissa’s fiancé. There’s also a m/m storyline from the first book that I’ve written as a short story, which I could easily see being its own book.



Raised by an over-controlling and manipulative father, Savannah “Van” Morgan flees the East Coast for the West, seeking sanctuary with her Aunt Lucy, headmistress of San Francisco Sex University. Rather than staying at the main campus, Van enrolls in SFSU’s more nurturing “sister” school, the All-Girls Academy.

After visiting the main campus of SFSU, Margaret “Maggie” O’Neil hangs up her police badge in search of new experiences and hoping to awaken her own dormant sexuality.

With subject matters such as an “Art Sex-education” class with an Italian visiting professor who’s more than happy to schedule private tutoring after-hours, the All-Girls Academy invites all sorts of sexual exploration. In the end, Van and Maggie will either fall victim to the pressures of society, or come together to save each other.



Read the excerpt at:



Author Website:  Louisa Bacio

Facebook:  Louisa Bacio

Twitter:  Louisa Bacio

Amazon Author Page:  Louisa Bacio

Email:  [email protected]



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  1. Tara Lain

    Hi Louisa– Great interview. Got me longing for limoncello. Yes, your writing in bits style does freak me out but it sure works my friend so keep at it. F/F/M hmmmm. And M/M? Now you’re talking my language, LOL : )


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