STARLA KAYE welcomes Ednah Walters, sensual contemporary author

Today I’m welcoming to my guest author blog sensual contemporary and romantic suspense author Ednah Walters.  Ednah is currently on a blog tour promoting Mine Until Dawn, book 2 of the Fitzgerald Family series.


Contest begins September 1st and ends on the 21st.
See the details at E. B. Walters Weblog


Ednah shares with us some of the basics from the story.

About MINE UNTIL DAWN, a romantic suspense about a missing statue, second chances and misunderstandings

Setting: From L.A. to the Caribbean

Subgenre: Romantic suspense, Chick Lit

Hero: Vince Knight, tough, bold, invincible (so he thinks)

Heroine: Jade Fitzgerald, smart, sassy, stubborn

One sentence summary: After a messy marriage and divorce, art historian Jade is determined not to let a man mess with her head, until her path crosses Vince Knight as he searches for a missing family heirloom.

Scene I like most and would never cut: Since this is a romantic suspense, there are several, but the scene when Vince dances before a roomful of women is a favorite, because he’s the least likely person to do it, yet he does it for Jade. He’s quite . . . amazing.

Thing my heroine would never be caught dead doing/saying: Jade is gutsy and can probably say anything and consequences be damned, but the one thing she can’t do is drink alcohol. The reason is in the book

One quirky thing about the hero: Vince is a take-charge kind of person, which is great at a time of crisis, but not with Jade, a woman whose ex-husband was a total control freak.

My heroine’s occupation: Jade is an art historian with a knack of identifying artifacts, which comes handy when Vince comes along with a fake statue.

My hero’s occupation: Although he’s writer, Vince was an investigative reporter and is good at ferreting information from people. So when his aunt needs his help in finding a lost family heirloom, he’s the man for the job.

My heroine’s flaws and strengths:  She’s testy because of her past marriage and doubts herself when it comes to bedroom issues, but has a large and supportive family.

My hero’s flaws and strengths:  He had a difficult childhood and has major trust issues, but when it comes to pleasing a woman in bed, he’s got the arsenal.

What I think readers will like best about this book:  Jade is a modern woman they can relate to. She’s been hurt but is determined to rise above it. She’s not looking to jump back on the romance bandwagon and Vince appears wrong for her on so many levels, yet he turns out to be perfect for her in every way.

What’s next:  End of September, we can catch up with Jade and Vince when the next Fitzgerald book is released. Kiss Me Crazy is Baron’s story. Readers are introduced to Baron in Mine Until Dawn. He owns a gallery.



“Well?” she said, her curious gaze locked on his face.

Vince forced himself to focus on a response that suited him. “Why don’t we talk about the other men? You mentioned earlier that two other men stopped by your office and asked for your mother’s whereabouts. What did they tell you? Can you describe them?”

She let out a breathy laugh. “Does that often work?” she asked.


“Flipping scripts. I ask you a question, and since you don’t want to answer it, you ask one of your own instead.” She grinned and tapped her chest. “It won’t work with me. You want information from me? You’ve got to give me some. Besides, I never mentioned men. I said person. Are you expecting trouble? Is that why you’re being so vigilant?”

Trouble always followed him. Most of which he could handle. Somebody should have warned him about her. “Someone was tailing me.”

Her eyes widened. “Who?”

“I don’t know. I felt a presence when I picked up the statue from the dealer, but spotted him by the time I reached the hotel. The man is anything but a pro. Now about the two persons,” he prompted.

“Do you think he’s after the real statue?”

He’d reached that conclusion, but there was no need to tell her that. The least she knew about his investigation the better. “I don’t think so, but I’m sure he works for Cohen. I still owe the man some money.” The elevator door opened and they stepped out. Vince pointed to their right. “This way. Can we talk about the two men now?”

Jade nodded. “Two days ago, a young man approached me in the faculty parking lot and asked if I could tell him where my mother was. He told me his name was, uh, Hudson, but he refused to explain why he was looking for her. My mother is on the board of several local charity organizations and is always being targeted for donations. I assumed Hudson was after some money.”

“What did you tell him?”

“To contact Fitz-Valdes and leave a message with Joel, my mother’s assistant.”

Vince nodded. “What about the third person?”

“A Frenchman. He said he had an invitation for some cultural bash at their Embassy. He didn’t give me the details either.”

“Can you describe him?”

“Tall, older, receding hairline, walking ad for everything designer. Why?”

“My aunt said one of the guests spoke with a French accent. She hasn’t been able to contact him or….” A prickling feeling on the back of his neck prompted him to grip her arm and stop.

She frowned. “What is it?”

He placed a finger on her lips and her eyes went wide. His gaze swung back to his door. Muffled sounds came from inside his room.

“Stay here.” He pushed the duffel bag with the statue into her arms and guided her behind him.

Convinced she would obey, Vince moved toward his door, every muscle in his body primed for action. The prickling feeling grew stronger. He turned his head and threw Jade a glance. She hadn’t moved. Her arms clenched her purse and the duffel bag against her chest, a crease between her arched eyebrows, a defenseless expression on her face.

He gesture toward the elevator and indicated she leave.

Jade scowled and shook her head.

Pig-headed woman. “Don’t move,” he mouthed.



More Info About MINE UNTIL DAWN…

Author:  E. B. Walters

Publisher:  Firetrail Publishing

Release Date:  July 20, 2011

Amazon Buy Link:  Mine Until Dawn

Barnes & Noble Buy Link: Mine Until Dawn

Smashwords Buy Link:  Mine Until Dawn



She’s armed with a new attitude and a kick-ass wardrobe….

By age twenty-eight, art historian Jade Fitzgerald has had a marriage from hell and an equally nasty divorce, worked hard to control her weight and her arrhythmia. The last thing she needs is another man messing with her head or shooting her heartbeat off course. That is exactly what she gets when an aloof and mysterious stranger storms into her life.

He’s cynical and don’t take crap from anyone….

Former investigative reporter Vince Knight is on a quest to recover a priceless, ancient Mayan artifact, which he believes Jade’s mother stole.  He’s skilled at gathering information while remaining emotionally detached, until he meets Jade. The voluptuous woman stirs in him a hunger he hasn’t felt in a long time and a protectiveness he can’t explain.

Neither of them expects passion to flare so fast or danger to dodge their footsteps. To defeat a ruthless art collector with a twisted agenda, Jade and Vince must learn to trust each other and embrace their growing feelings.

Until, an insane man plots to add Jade to his collection of beautiful and rare things.



Jade eased her car into an empty parking space outside the Palace and switched off the engine. A groan escaped her when she caught a glimpse of the time. Three minutes late and counting. That was what she got for taking a little extra time to deck her body and paint herself like a geisha. Granted she had a party to go to after their meeting. Still, to make Vince Knight choke on his words would be an added bonus.

I haven’t changed, my butt.

She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and studied her face in the rear view mirror. The make-up and pinned-up hair with a few tendrils framing her face couldn’t be labeled overkill. She tilted the mirror to check the enticing valley created by the black bustier she’d worn under her matching spaghetti-strapped dress. Now that sight could be classified as a look-and-drool display.

Jade picked up her black purse and sheer shawl then stepped out of her car and locked it. She smoothed the silk dress down over her hips. A chuckle escaped her. Her behind had its own agenda and continued to resist any attempts to slim it down, but she was learning to live with it.

Jade took several steps, glanced down and grimaced. Six-inches of pure hell. She was a sucker for beautiful shoes, but the look on Vince’s face when he saw her in them would be worth it.

Two men exited the hotel as she approached the entrance and froze at seeing her, eyes wide with appreciation. A drawn out ‘damn’ brought a quick smile to her lips. That was all the encouragement she needed to work the black drop-waist dress with asymmetrical hem.

Her senses thrummed with anticipation as she glided through the hotel doors. Jade gave the busy foyer a sweeping glance. When her gaze locked on Vince, her heart started a rickety shuffle and her stomach tilted.

This was bad. She wasn’t within sniffing distance of the man and her body was already betraying her. Even in plain jeans and a T-shirt, he stood out. She studied his tall, built body as he leaned against the front desk. His tanned skin contrasted with his white T-shirt in an attractive way, his teeth flashing as he spoke with one of the managers.

It wasn’t fair. He wasn’t even her type. She avoided the silent, brooding, emotionally unavailable types like the plague. They were too difficult to understand and complicated. On the other hand, where had an outgoing man gotten her? A bad marriage and doubts about her sensuality.

As though he felt her gaze, Vince turned.

She stopped breathing, a stupid thing to do. He gave her a slow appraisal, his gaze lingering on her chest before colliding with hers.

Expression on his face? Cool. Unimpressed.

Air left her lungs in an unsteady rush. She twisted her lips into what she hoped resembled a smile as she started across the room. All that time spent putting her war paint on wasted. How could he maintain that stone-cold soberness all the time? Vince had to be made of ice, and served her right for trying to get a rise out of him.

Maybe that was the problem. His rigid control and aloofness made her want to do or say something to rattle his cage. His lack of interest in her was a definite challenge. Maybe there was some truth to the lure of the unattainable. Vince Knight, without trying, fascinated her.

Vince approached with the loose-hipped predatory stride of a jungle cat, sending a whoosh of anticipation through her. Feeling a little light-headed, Jade hoped she didn’t totter on her high stilettos.

“Sorry, I’m late,” she said, hating the breathlessness in her voice.

“No problem. You’re here now.” He gave her another cool once-over without making a comment and lifted a duffel bag she didn’t notice he was carrying. “I need to show you something.”

Her gaze moved from the bag to his face. “What is it?

“Let’s find a place to sit first.” His dark gaze swept the foyer as though cataloguing faces. She wasn’t sure whether it was caution or paranoia.

She trailed his gaze. “Is everything okay?”


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