STARLA KAYE welcomes D L Jackson, talking about the “curse of twelve”

I am delighted today to welcome multi-published romance author D L Jackson. She writes urban fantasy, science fiction, military romance and erotic romance…all with crazy plot twists and the unexpected.  Speaking of “the unexpected,” she recently had some unusual experiences…

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I’m thrilled to be here today, guest posting. I have to tell you, I had a rough time getting this post here. First I wrote an article on my lunch hour, a nice bit about writing through stress. My laptop hiccuped and dumped the document as I tried to save it. So, I said, maybe that wasn’t the right post.

When I got out of work and home, I sat down to the trusty desktop and wrote this boring article on saving the cuts from your rough drafts for promotion and future stories. Safe, sensible.


And  I mean—crash. Lightning hit something close by, the power surged and there I was, staring at a blue screen, even though I have one of those special surge protectors. Ahem, they don’t work as good as you’d think.

Was someone trying to tell me something, or could it be something much more ominous?

Well, it is October and it seems to be a month of superstitions and things that go bump in the night. Perhaps I picked up a gremlin, or a poltergeist.

Or it could be the curse of twelve?

Oh ho, you say. The curse of twelve? What’s this? I thought thirteen was the bad number.

No, no, no. Thirteen is a good number—it’s twelve you have to watch out for.

There are all kinds of things believed to cause ill fortune, from black cats, to breaking mirrors, and even killing spiders.

Don’t walk under a ladder—it’s bad luck. Ever wonder why? In the Middle East, they didn’t have a lot of trees to hang their criminals, so they used to lean ladders up against the buildings and use them for that purpose. To walk under one, was to chance an encounter with the criminal’s ghost.

Now like a 13th floor in a hotel, chapter twelve rarely makes it into my stories until I hand it off to a critique partner or editor. Any time I’ve included it, while I’m writing, something bad happens to the novel. I’ve lost twelve chapters and all three drives I backed it up on, failed—and the freaky thing—it was December 12th when it happened. I’ve had edits disappear and computers melt down. I’ve had discarded query letters get saved over the draft. You name it, it’s happened.

I know it sounds silly—a superstition, nothing more. But I swear that number is evil. When it happened the first time, I didn’t think anything about it. The second time—well, I started to question what was going on. After the third time…

I skip it now to be safe.

So after all my unfortunate luck prepping for this post, I figured twelve had to have worked its way in somewhere.  I looked everywhere to make sure the curse of twelve had not hit. Nope, not in my WIPs, at least the ones I haven’t sent anywhere. I wasn’t critiquing a chapter twelve. And then I looked at the date, and suddenly I knew why. The day I tried to write my articles was 9/30.

Add the numbers together. 9+3+0=trouble.


Hmmm. I don’t think I’ll take the chance.

So, do you have any quirks when it comes to your writing? Any routine you have to follow? Any silly little superstitions that you don’t ignore, because there might be an off chance you’re really not crazy?

D L Jackson

(Starla) Hmmm, the curse of twelve? I used to write a lot of 12 chapter novels, lately I’ve gone to more novellas and longer novels. I’ll have to keep that “twelve” thing in mind.


What are your hobbies or other interests that get you away from the stress of writing?

I’m an artist, I paint I draw. Karate. Gardening.


How long have you been writing?

Five years.


What is your main writing genre?

Science Fiction/Military erotic romance.


What do you love about writing?

I love to build worlds that I can visit to take a break from the real world.


What do you hate about it?

The couple of extra pounds I’ve put on from taking too many breaks in my fantasy worlds. LOL


When do you get your best story ideas?

Usually when I’m at work and can do nothing about it. I have sticky notes tucked all over the inside of my purse.


Describe your working environment.

The front seat of my vehicle. I can’t write anywhere else. It’s where I can get into my zone without distractions, even when I’m at home. Just pick up the laptop and go to my office. I don’t have internet there and I’ve got music literally at my fingertips.


What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

The first sentence. Everything else spins off of that. Here’s an example from my novel, Blown Away:  Happy trail: That sexy little strip of hair that runs from a man’s belly button to his—towel.


How do you deal with rejection?

I own a dartboard and I’m not afraid to use it.


Now let’s talk specifics about your latest book from Decadent Publishing, Cinderella Wore Combat Boots

Genre: Military Romance

Length: Novella, 11K

Heat Level: 4

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-61333-030-2

Buy Link: Decadent Publishing

Book trailer link:


Did you have a favorite character in this book?

Yes, First Sgt Cori Valentine.


Will there be any sequels to this book?

I’ve been asked by readers to write one. I’m considering it, but it wouldn’t be a 1NS story.



Sometimes Fairytales come true.

First Sergeant Cori Valentine faces a bleak future. She’s turning forty in three weeks and life as she knows it is over. An injury received while on deployment has earned her an early retirement from the Marine Corps, something she’s not sure she’ll survive. Things get even better when interfering Marines set her up on a blind date for a party she doesn’t want. The guy has to be a total toad to want to go out with her. Right?

When Madame Eve informs Retired SEAL, Sol Keller she’s found his perfect match, he doesn’t believe it, but takes up the challenge. One look at the First Sergeant in a sexy dress and combat boots has him wondering if fairytales really can come true. Madame Eve might be the legendary Fairy Godmother, and Cori his Cinderella. Sol intends to show the Marine beauty a Prince Charming she’ll never forget, and that retirement isn’t the end of her story but merely the beginning.



Author Website: D L Jackson

Facebook: D L Jackson

Twitter: D L Jackson @Dlaree69

Amazon Author Page:  D L Jackson

Email:  [email protected]



6 thoughts on “STARLA KAYE welcomes D L Jackson, talking about the “curse of twelve”

  1. D L Jackson

    Thanks for having me today, Starla.
    Thanks for stopping by, Kate. I had a lot of fun writing this 1NS story.

  2. Lindsay

    I just finished reading Cinderella Wore Combat Boots. When I started the book I couldn’t put it down until I finished. This was the first book about I’ve read about a soldier wounded and can’t return to service. The story had me totally engrossed from beginning to a fantastic ending.

  3. D L Jackson

    Thanks, Lindsay. All the profits I make from the sale of this story will be going to The Wounded Warrior Project, helping wounded vets and their families.
    Thanks for getting it and helping me to help vets.


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