STARLA KAYE welcomes Cassie Exline, writing romance that melts the heart

I’m happy to have Cassie Exline here today. Her website claims she writes “romance that melts the heart” and “mysteries that chill the spine.”  Definitely true. She is writing a series for Wild Child Publishing, Sheryl Locke Holmes Mysteries, that sounds wonderful and needs to go on my TBR list.






Cassie, how do you respond to someone who says, “You write WHAT?”

Just smile and start talking.


Do you have cheerleaders supporting you as a writer?

Yes, family and friends.


What made you decide to try and be a published author?

I co-wrote with another author and he insisted we submit. We did and the story was purchased. I’ve never looked back.


How long have you been writing? What is your main writing genre?

11 years, romance and mystery. I can’t write one without the other and always with humor.


Do you have a writing mentor?

Yes. He’s awesome. Drives me crazy, works me ruthlessly, but he gets the job done and I reap the praises for clean copy from my editors/publishers.


What do you love about writing?

What I love is creating characters, their worlds, having all that power to manipulate everyone and everything.

(Starla) I enjoy the same things, but my characters usually take a lot of that power away from me and demand to tell their story, their way.


What do you hate about writing?

What I hate is the waiting between rounds of edits to get the piece polished and out there to sell.


What two things do you wish you had known before you started writing?

The main thing is that I had to be so involved. I thought it was enough I wrote the next best seller, but I didn’t realize that I had to promote it too. lol


Where do you find inspiration for your stories?



What is your favorite part about building a story world?

Seeing it, living with it in my head. I drive over 20 miles one way to work so I have time to plot. I never text.


How do you get beyond writer’s block?

Read. It’s not long before I’m back in the saddle.


What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

Plot first, characters second, setting, conflict and if I’m lucky a title. If not, I use a working title until the “real” one comes to me.


How do you deal with rejection?

Mutter and cuss, put a hex on them. lol Not really, it’s part of the game. The best is to move on.


How do you research the time period, setting, plot specifics, character specifics?

Yes, I research. I read and I watch old movies if they are pertinent to what I’m writing. I also talk to people who are involved in the same field as my character.


How do you promote your books and yourself as an author?

Facebook, guest blogs, loop groups, a lot of participation.


Now let’s talk specifics about your newest release Opal’s Disappearance…

Title: Opal’s Disappearance, book 3 in the Sheryl Locke Holmes Mystery Series

Genre: Mystery/Humor

Length: Short story, 31,465 words

Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

Release Date: October 11, 2011

Buy Link: Wild Child Publishing



What was unique about this particular book?

The strong women characters. They are best friends, tight and close. Sheryl Locke Holmes is similar to Sherlock Holmes. Smart but not perfect. There is romance. Sometimes we’re not sure who is going to end up with Sheryl or her best friends.


Did you have a favorite scene?

Yes. When my main character has amnesia and she dresses very sexy and doesn’t realize her effect on the men.


Will there be any sequels to this book?

Yes, Dragon’s Pearl.



An old college friend begs Sheryl to help find her missing cousin, Opal, who may have been kidnapped by a mysterious mountain man. When all leads are exhausted, Sheryl concocts a dangerous plan—she becomes bait for the kidnapper and alleged murderer.

But will she survive her plan? Or is this Sheryl’s last mystery?



“Help! Help!”

“That’s Dot!” Sheryl said. “I don’t understand. She’s with Lucas. He wouldn’t dare.”

“Wait a minute.” Brian grabbed her arm. “Remember, he’s a cop, try not to shoot him.”

“Let go! Sheryl!” Dot screamed.

“I’ll do my best, but I’m not promising anything.” Sheryl drew her gun and hurried toward Dot who was now softly whimpering. “Dot, I’m coming!”

“Hurry, Sheryl! He’s got me.”

When Sheryl spotted Dot, she stopped so fast that Brian bumped into her. “Dot, sweetie, open your eyes.”

“No. Shoot him.”

“I’m not sure, but I think tree season is over,” Brian said.

“Huh?” Dot opened her eyes and frowned.

“Your hood is caught on a branch.” Sheryl hurried to get Dot loose. “No one has you. You’re safe.”

“You’re kidding?” Dot tried to turn around, but the branch held her firm in its grasp. “I was so sure that mountain man had me.”

“I thought Lucas had you.” Sheryl put her gun away and freed Dot.

“Speaking of Lucas, where is he?” Brian looked around. “He should have been with you.”

Dot pointed toward a pile of brush. “He went over there to check something out, and I waited here.”

They heard a moan, and Lucas staggered toward them.



Author Website: Cassie Exline

Blog Site: Cassie Exline

Facebook: Cassie Exline

Email: [email protected]






4 thoughts on “STARLA KAYE welcomes Cassie Exline, writing romance that melts the heart

  1. Sommer Marsden

    We hate the same thing. Bleregh! Polishing and waiting, waiting and polishing. So dreary. And I want to know if you mentor had a whip 😉

    Looks like another great book, Miss Cass.

    p.s. and good for you no texting. wish more people were like that. plotting is always safer. who needs texting when you can plot in your head.


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