STARLA KAYE welcomes Casea Major, major love and major romance

I’m excited to have a fellow Decadent Publishing author with me today: Casea Major.

CONTEST: Casea is giving away a copy of her new 1-Night Stand release from Decadent Publishing, ONE KNIGHT IN BROOKLYN. Leave a message with your email and say ‘hi’ to have a chance to be the lucky drawing winner.


What made you decide to try and be a published author?

I love writing and spend so much time doing it I wanted to see if anyone but my family would enjoy what I wrote.  I have been pleased with the results.  Hearing from people I don’t know who read and enjoyed my stories is very gratifying.


How long have you been writing? What is your main writing genre?

I’ve been writing less than a year. I started my first full-length manuscript last November and finished it in January. It’s a fantasy romance called The Implanting. Since then I’ve written two erotic short stories (Pinocchio Syndrome and One Knight in Brooklyn), one novella (Tug – The Seduction of Sin Series, Book One) and an additional full-length.  All of them have fantasy elements so I have to say Fantasy is my favorite genre to write…and to read.

I really enjoy writing the shorter works.  It forces me to make every word count and think through the goals and motivations of the characters with every word.


How and why did you decide to use a pen name?

My pen name is a funny thing and the product of overthinking. Casea is pronounced Kay Cee not Ca si AH.  K. and C. are my initials, and Casea was just me getting cute with the spelling.  Unfortunately, the name doesn’t sound like it looks at first glance. Fortuna Major is the name of the painting that guards the entrance to Gryffindor Tower in the Harry Potter novels. And that’s how I came up with Casea Major. Probably not the sexiest pen name story but all mine.


Do you have a writing mentor?

This is a great question.  I have several mentors who have helped me so much in my writing.  My cousin Kendra Highly has been a wonderful mentor and huge inspiration.  Also Lisa Kumar and a.c. Mason, my critique partners are amazingly talented writers and mentors. They lovingly push me to make my craft and stories better, stronger, giving countless hours to assist me.

My online critique group is the best group of ladies on the net and their help and support is the number one reason for my success in such a short amount of time.  I cannot stress enough to new writers how important a good critique group is.

(Starla) This is so true. A good critique group can be invaluable…at whatever stage in your writing career.


What do you love about writing?

Writing other worlds and people with unique personalities and characteristics is a heady power that ignites my mind like nothing else ever has in my life. I love that the characters consume my thoughts. I hear their voices and see their stories in my head all the time. I love world-building in my fantasies. Seeing other places come to life and conveying those images to others fulfills me.


What do you hate about writing?

What I hate about writing is its complete consumption of my time. I can’t do anything else. I don’t want to do anything else and laundry feels like the worst kind of torture. LOL


What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

Generally, I start with an idea of a particularly engaging scene or conflict and build the story around that. Characters come next followed by setting.  My inspiration comes mainly from music but sometimes from life and other stories, especially if I like a certain concept but was unhappy with how it was dealt with – then I just write my own outcome.  I love that I can do that.


How do you deal with rejection?

The same way most people deal with rejection – I fall on the ground screaming and crying, wallow in self-pity, drink an entire bottle of some adult beverage and eat lots of chocolate.

Then I go back to my computer and start writing again.


Now let’s talk about the specifics of your new release, One Knight in Brooklyn

Title: One Knight in Brooklyn

Genre:  Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

Length:  12K

Heat Level:  4

Publisher:  Decadent Publishing

Release Date:  October 6, 2011

Publisher Buy Link:  One Knight in Brooklyn

Amazon Buy Link:  One Knight in Brooklyn


What was unique about this particular book?

One Knight in Brooklyn stemmed from the idea of a 1-night stand with Robin Hood. It is a short erotic comedy romance with time travel and fantasy elements but with contemporary characters.

Most fairytales seem to be set during the Middle Ages.  That’s where you find the lion’s share of handsome princes or knights in shining armor, right?  That’s what Marianne, my heroine thinks, too.

But I wondered what would a modern day knight look like and where might we find one?  Could we even find one?  You’ll have to read the story for my take on the modern day KISA (Knight in shining armor)

My inspiration was to take an idealistic young woman and put her in a situation that, by all appearances looked like her fairytale fantasy come true.  Then I wanted to completely shatter her unrealistic ideas with a heavy dose of reality and see what would happen.  What ensues is a fun, zany adventure in Sherwood Forest that forces her to reevaluate her expectations.  It leads her to the conclusion that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and actions speak louder than words.


Did you have a favorite character in this book?

Of course I love my hero and heroine, but the mysterious concierge Victoria is a wonderful character whose voice came alive in my mind.  She also plays a bigger role in the story than at first appears and she gives Marianne this piece of advice:

 “My grandfather was a mariner, and he always said the Treasure of Cortez would never be found until the one who sought it looked beyond their desire. Many wondrous treasures are often overlooked, Ms. Caldwell, for those that seek them cannot see beyond their own expectations.”


Did you have a favorite scene?

My favorite scene is the last scene where all of the conflicts converge and resolve in the plot and in the characters themselves.  The twist at the end brings the heroine full circle to the beginning.



After signing up for a one-night stand through an exclusive matching agency, hopeless romantic Marianne Caldwell is swept away to a medieval land where she hopes to spend the night with a worthy man of honor.

Unsure of how she got from the Castillo Hotel in Las Vegas to a castle in the English countryside, Mare finds Robert, whose stunning physique and winning smile immediately convince her he’s the Robin Hood she’s been seeking.  But despite his efforts in saving her from a corrupt sheriff, his Jersey Shore accent and coarse ways unravel her romantic visions.

With her fairytale fantasies coming unhinged, Mare must decide if Robert is just a crass car salesman from Brooklyn or the chivalrous knight she’s looking for.


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20 thoughts on “STARLA KAYE welcomes Casea Major, major love and major romance

    1. Casea Major

      Liz – My friend I can always count on an encouraging comment from you. Wish I lived closer so I could drop by and have a beer.

  1. Casea Major

    Thanks for having me today, Starla. I’m so glad to be here and can’t wait to give away a copy of my story to one commenter.

  2. desiree

    wow i love the over of the book and info i would blog on it for you and
    get the book done in a dsy the book sound great would you
    be doing a second one two it

    1. Casea Major


      I do have a companion story related to this one which I plan as another 1NS. Also the ladies at Decadent have requested more Hot New York Firemen stories so I have at aleast one additional one planned.

  3. Gabrielle J.

    Hmmm, this sounds like a great story! Robin Hood has always been one of my favorite stories growing up so this story sounds like it’s right up my alley!

    Thanks for the name clarification by the way, I have to admit that I was one of the people that was thinking in my head that your name was said like Ca Si Ah and I thought it sounded kind of pretty but it’s always good to make sure that if your going to read a specific author’s books that you know how to say their name.

    Nice interview and thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Renee Bennett

    I want this book. It sound too good to pass up. I like books that have a little humor in them along with the romance. and if it’s HOT, even better.

    I also thought your name was pronounced Ca Si Ah and am glad to know how to say it correctly. By the way, cute play on your initials.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  5. Casea Major

    Congratulations to Renee Bennett. She is the winner of One Knight in Brooklyn.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Nad Starla thanks for a great day.

  6. books4me

    I enjoyed the Pinocchio Syndrome. I love the 1NS series and bet this is a good addition! How can it go wrong with sex, humor and time travel?!

    books4me67 at


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