STARLA KAYE welcomes back Penny Rader & a contest

I am excited to welcome back Penny Rader, a talented author writing for The Wild Rose Press. She is happy to share her latest good news…a 5 star review posted on Amazon for her historical romance, Sapphire and Gold.

Penny also blogs regularly on the Wichita Area Romance Authors’ blog, Bits & Bytes: Romance…the Writer’s Way. She loves to find helpful links for romance writers and shares them with everyone. As a member of WARA, I look forward to her posts and learning about the many amazing links she finds. If you haven’t been to that blog, you should. Here is a link to her latest post there on Creating a Hero:



CONTEST:  Win a Free e-copy of Sapphire and Gold

While the entire story of Sapphire and Gold isn’t centered around Christmas, there are several scenes that take place during the Christmas season in Colonial Williamsburg.

I’m giving away a free e-copy of Sapphire and Gold.  To be entered in the drawing, go to my website, read the Christmas scene excerpt and answer the following questions:

  • What event is about to take place in this scene?
  • Where does Alexandra receive her Christmas kiss?
  • What is Derek’s Christmas gift to Alexandra?

To qualify for the drawing: Leave a comment here and email your answers to [email protected].  A winner will be randomly chosen from those who answer correctly. The winner will receive a code which will allow her to download a free copy of Sapphire and Gold from The Wild Rose Press.



In 1752 Philadelphia, Alexandra Whittaker overhears the man who has raised her–and intends to marry her–admit to kidnapping her. She then uncovers a locket containing a portrait of herself as a child. Confused and frightened, she flees, heading for Williamsburg, Virginia, the place inscribed on the back of the locket. On her way out of Philadelphia, she stumbles across a bear and ends up in the river.

Sea Captain Derek Tremaine is guilt-ridden over the disappearance of a small girl left in his care as a youth. Always searching for her, he hears she may be alive and travels to Philadelphia where he discovers an unconscious young woman in the river. She bears a strong resemblance to the mother of the missing girl who has haunted his dreams. He is drawn to assist and protect her as she sails with him to Williamsburg in her hunt for answers about her life. But will the truth give them peace and allow their growing love for one another to blossom? Or will it drive them apart?





Title:  Sapphire and Gold

Genre:  Historical Romance, American Rose line

ISBN:  1-60154-475-8

Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press

Publisher Buy Link (ebook):  Sapphire and Gold

Publisher Buy Link (paperback):  Sapphire and Gold

Amazon Buy Link (Kindle):  Sapphire and Gold

Amazon Buy Link (paperback):  Sapphire and Gold



Author Web Site:  Penny Rader

Author Blog Site:  Penny Rader

Facebook:  Penny Rader

Twitter:  Penny Rader

Amazon Author Page:  Penny Rader

9 thoughts on “STARLA KAYE welcomes back Penny Rader & a contest

  1. Mac Crowne

    Great excerpt, Penny. Looks like a sweet romance. TBR for sure. Now, if I’ve flexed my internet skills properly, which would be a miracle LOL, I sent along my answers. Thanks for the fun post.

  2. Louise Behiel

    Penny your book sounds wonderful and I don’t have a copy yet. thanks for a great post on creating heroes.

    it’s a wonderful compilation of resources to create a hero.

    be well,


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