Spotlight: On Target by Mahlee Ashwynne

on target bookrix coverMy special guest author today is Mahlee Ashwynne with ON TARGET. This is a prequel short story to the series THE CHAMELELORDS trilogy.

BLURB – On Target

An assassin needs anonymity, loose ends tied up. Invisibility is Aldien’s hallmark. Svanger slayers have no room for sentiment. Until one woman cracks his icy veneer.

Ace reporter Chaz Halyssion is witness to the assassination of the King of Malthusen. She has it recorded. As one of the few off-worlders there she is under immediate suspicion and on the run. Problem is the real assassin knows she can identify him but he needs her to help him get off-world.

Aldien is the last of the legendary Chameleords. And the best at his job in the galaxy. He never leaves anything to chance. But sometimes meticulous executions go astray in their implementing. And Chaz is his last option for escape. That means she dies once her usefulness is over.

In his darkness Chaz sows a thread of light and hope that Aldien needs to extinguish. With regret. In the end he has to make choices. There are only two options. Kill her, or mind-wipe her and walk away from her forever.

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EXCERPT – On Target

“You need me,” he whispered on a warm breath into her ear.

“Only until we decamp from this world. Then it’s quits.” His laugh irked her.

“That too.” He let his hand trail to her shoulder.

His casual attitude fired her temper. “Kindly get off me. You’ve had your fun.”

“Don’t you want this?” His tongue tickled between her breasts as a powerful thigh pushed between hers.

“No.” She fought to ignore his intimate contact. “Go practise your lures elsewhere.”

“Seduction is a satisfactory game. Never had any complaints and many came back for more.”

“Yeah, right. Obviously you have something bigger than your ego they desire. Your natural charm leaves much to the imagination.” The fiend was enjoying this.

“A challenge?” His teeth flashed in a grin.



AUTHOR BIO – Mahlee Ashwynne

bobik tiara 11357401_10153120631019843_8961110676380123452_oWhat can I say? Writing has been an integral part of my life. I can recall writing stories when I was 8 years of age. It was my escape. I was also an avid reader. By the age of 9 I had read all the library books designated for the grade 4 and grade 5 students.  Strange considering English was not my first language (we spoke Russian at home) and I was a first generation Australian kid on both sides of the family.

Over the years I have achieved many qualifications including teaching (opted out of that career), journalism, film making, interpreter (Russian), and currently law. One thing university teaches you is how to locate information (pre computer days this was a great thing) and sift out the important facts.

I never lost my love of writing and wrote shorts that won me prizes in national competitions. I was a top student in English at school but never touched history as a subject. I did not and do not like politics. However once I had access to social history I fell in love with the medieval era. There is so much fiction that can be interwoven between the facts and real people of history! The futuristic aspect of what might be in science fiction drew me like a magnet. I pre empted the popularity of supernatural fiction too with my love for that genre. What I write now reflects my interests in these areas.

The one bonus of technology is that today I can trawl the internet and find the faces to inspire my descriptions of my characters that I manipulate to be believable. I have read widely including most of the classics (oh English compulsory reading has a lot to answer for). With the rise of epub self publilshed authors I am always on the lookout for well written stories to relax with (but a harsh critic if I come across an historical error!). Enjoy reading for that is where your heart is.

Did I forget to mention I love cats but have discovered reptiles make intriguing pets!



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