Spotlight: Jacqueline M. Sinclair and Renegade

Renegade coverI am welcoming Jacqueline M. Sinclair to my blog today with RENEGADE, the Prequel to the Steele Standing Series. Before we get into the details of the book, let’s talk to the author.


What can you share with the readers about yourself, maybe something fun that they wouldn’t guess?

I have an almost laughable fear of spiders, to the point where I’ve had to get coworkers to ‘save me.’

What drew you to being a writer?

I’ve always loved books. My mother was an avid reader and there were always books around our home when I was growing up. It seems to be a natural progression.

Do you do anything special to get in the mood to write?

I love music as much as I love to read. I usually have music playing in the background while I write.

What is in your To Be Read pile?

I love finding new authors. Geri Glenn, who has put out the first book, Ryker, in her Kings of Korruption MC series. I’m hooked. True crime. Some autobiographies. A few classics.

How do you come up with a story line?

That’s a funny question because I find that I work a plot out, and then the characters develop and completely change the game plan. I’ve found that I just have to let them have their way.

Are you an outliner, a write by the seat of your pants author, or a combination?

I definitely write by the seat of my pants.

What are you currently working on for your next book?

The first book in my Steele Standing series, Mercy Denied. With the prequel, Renegade out December 1st, I’m focusing on getting that draft where I want it to be. It’s the heartbreaking story about Trinity Steele and how a poor, drunken decision brings the wrath of Merrick Kincaid down on her-and by association, the rest of the Steele family.

What was your favorite scene in this book?

The ending. I’m a sucker for a happy ever after!

What was the hardest scene to write in the book?

That has to be a tie between the scene in Renegade where William is racing with Margaret in the car and the scene where William comes up early in the draft, practically guaranteeing he’ll get sent to Vietnam.

Do you have a favorite character and why?

It would absolutely have to be Margaret. Don’t let her sheltered life fool you. She’s strong, mischievous and she has the backbone to be William Steele’s perfect polar opposite.


BLURB – Renegade

Renegade is the prequel to the upcoming Steele Standing series.

Margaret Wilson is eighteen years old in 1969. The Vietnam War is raging. Her mother is dying and her father is drowning in pain. She is sheltered, religious and completely unprepared to fall in love with William Steele.

William has it all. A product of his family’s legendary reputation, he’s rich, reckless and known for pushing boundaries. He stands up to gossip by upping the ante, one rebellious night at a time.

The reality of his world sweeps away Margaret’s innocence and puts her in the middle of a place she’s never known. With William at her side, she can’t help but question her own boundaries and the temptation to ignore them is running high. Then, one night, one poor decision and Margaret becomes the one with everything to lose.

Will their young love be strong enough to hold it all together?

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About Jacqueline

Jacqueline grew up in the rural southeast and is the youngest child of a large and rowdy family. Reading was an escape when there wasn’t much else around to do. She loves everything from classical literature to true crime and everything in between. With her two children grown and gone, she’s surrounded by a menagerie of adopted pets and a two-legged thief who refused to give her heart back after a night of karaoke.

With a day job and a dream job, her writing is a steamy combination of real life and seeking to answer the age-old question of what would happen if…and then characters come along and completely derail the plan. Letting them have their say provides plenty of sleepless nights and an endless combination of coffee and wine, but she hopes you enjoy their stories.

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