Spank or Treat: Coming Out of the Broom Closet

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Coming Out of the Broom Closet

by Starla Kaye

Kareena felt the bed jostle and was rudely pulled from a dream she didn’t want to leave. Her dream cowboy had been doing some very naughty things. Her body quivered with need; her heart pounded at being robbed of reaching that magical moment.

Disgruntled, she rolled to her side and frowned at the back of the deliciously naked man sitting on the edge of the bed. He was golden tan down to the waist, then pale where his jeans usually covered his long legs. Yum. “It’s too early to get up.”

“For a shopkeeper maybe,” Blade countered and turned to face her. “For a rancher I’m already late getting started.”

“I don’t know a lot about ranching, but this is October. What’s there to do this time of year?” Actually it would be November tomorrow.

“More than you can imagine.”

He gave her a crooked grin, his deep blue eyes warmly studying her. The man took her breath away. He had been doing that with just a quirk of his sexy mouth, with a teasing wink, with a simple flex of his muscles ever since she’d met him several months ago at the local diner. She’d never been around cowboys before she’d moved to Allenville, Kansas. Now she couldn’t imagine her life without them, especially without this cowboy.

She returned his smile and crooked a finger at him, softened her voice. “Come here, Stud Boy. Give me a good-morning kiss.” As extra incentive, she pushed the sheet covering lower; let him see her bare breasts. “If you’re nice to me, I’ll give you a special Halloween treat.”

As she’d known it would, his gaze zeroed in on them and his nostrils flared. “You don’t play fair, darlin’.”

“Playing fair is over-rated.” She reached down to cup a plump breast, pleased when he shifted around and came to her. A moth drawn compellingly to the flame.

His calloused hands reached for her, holding each aching breast, rubbing his thumbs over the hardening nipples. “I swear, woman, you’ve cast some kind of spell on me. I can’t resist you.” After a few seconds, he moved one hand to stroke the side of her face, to smooth a strand of shoulder-length raven black hair behind her ear. Then he bent down to nibble one taut bud.

She hadn’t put a spell on him, of course. If he hadn’t come to her candle shop—which had been a definite surprise, she might have sought him out herself. Maybe even used a bit of magic.

She threaded her fingers through his slightly shaggy honey brown hair, held him close. Right. This felt so right. From the moment she’d decided to move again and closed her eyes and put her finger over a map of the United States, she’d felt drawn to Kansas. Holding that same finger over a Kansas map, she’d been further drawn to a near speck on the map, to a town named Allenville. A sense of peace had settled over her at that moment. Now she was home, finally home after restlessly wandering the country for too many years. She never wanted to leave. Yet she wanted more than these stolen hours with Blade. He’d never spoken of more, though. He’d never even taken her out to his ranch. She tried not to think about that, concentrating only on what he did share with her.

Pulling her from her troubled thoughts, he took the nipple into his warm mouth. “Oooo,” she moaned, arching upward at the pleasure of it. Her cowboy was gifted with knowing exactly what a woman—what she—needed, at least in bed. “Ummm, yes.”

Devilment dancing in his eyes, he glanced up at her. His wondrous tongue swirled around the toy he played with. She moaned again and endured the sweet torture. She’d waited what seemed like forever to find a man like him. He was earthy; confident in who he was, passionate about being a rancher…passionate as a lover. He took and took, but he gave so much more in return. Yet he also had a dominate side, wanted to be in charge. He’d let her push him just so far. No one had ever before attempted to tame her independent ways, made her accountable for her actions. No one had ever before taken their hand to her bottom.

Her buttocks clenched at the memory. He’d surprised her when he’d threatened to warm her butt if she didn’t stop nibbling at his neck, sliding her hand between his legs as he’d driven her home from a dance a week ago. She’d didn’t think he was serious and renewed her playing. But she’d been wrong about his warning. She’d slept on her stomach that night. At first she’d been outraged by getting spanked and then dropped off at the curb to go into her house alone, to pout, to get over the humiliation of what he’d done. But as the pain had faded, warmth had curled through her. Humiliation had turned to appreciation, as odd as that was. When he’d shown up the next morning to check on her—not to apologize, he’d claimed, she’d jumped his sexy bones. He hadn’t resisted at all.

She wanted to jump those sexy bones again, right now. Or have him jump her bones. She reached to tug the sheet further down and tried to rub her mound against his already hard rod. “How about we—“

Instead of going along with her idea, he lightly bit her nipple and eased away. “As much as I might want to go another round here, I don’t have time this morning.”

Every inch of her body was desperate for him. She never gave up so easily on something she wanted. “Surely your ranch hands can handle the chores,” she protested with a sensual pout, trying to change his mind. “What’s another hour or so?”

That crease of disapproval she rarely saw slipped between his thick eyebrows. “I’ve got responsibilities.”

She huffed in annoyance. “You’re just going to walk away from me? Leave me aching like this?”

He sat back on his bent legs and glanced down at his thick cock standing straight up. “You’re not the only one who’ll have to deal with not getting off.”

Certain she could change his mind, she wriggled around until she was on her knees in front of him. “I can take care of your problem…and you can take care of mine,” she purred, reaching for his rod.

He swatted her hand away. “Kareena.” He said her name as if in warning.

Sometimes she was slow, or maybe it was just that she really wanted to get her way. “Blade,” she said his name huskily back and added a bit of eyelash batting.

Before she could even take another breath he’d tugged her forward until she was balanced awkwardly on her forearms next to his muscled thighs. Her bottom was thrust up in the air and his hand landed repeatedly on it. The sound echoed around her bedroom.

This wasn’t what she wanted at all! Irritated, she tried to push up, but he firmly shoved her back down.

“You know I don’t like to be manipulated.” Another biting smack landed. “You can’t always have your way.”

“Okay, okay! I get your point!” The smacks weren’t really that hard, but there was a sting building up. She had work to do today and she didn’t need to have a sore bottom to deal with as well. “You win. Just stop.”

“There is no ‘winning’ involved.” He swatted her bottom a few more times no doubt for good measure, and then moved her so she faced him again. “It’s about respecting each other’s wishes. Understanding when I say no that I mean it.”

Pursing her lips unhappily, she reached back to rub at her warm bottom. “You didn’t actually say no.”

For a second he frowned at her and she wondered if he wanted to spank her again. She wasn’t going to let him this time. Unless he lightened up a little…unless it was in foreplay. She was all for foreplay.

Then he sighed and his broad shoulders slumped a bit. “You’re right. But you knew I meant it, didn’t you?”

She glanced away. Okay, she had known. “Yeah, I guess so.”

He slowly grinned, his gaze moving heatedly over her once more. Hope sped through her. All those primed spots on her body waited anxiously. She didn’t say a word. Please, please, please.

“Oh, what the hell! The men can handle the chores for a while longer.” He stroked his cock. “Come here, my little witch, my teasing temptress. Give me that ‘treat’ you mentioned.” His chest rose and fell in a deep breath. “Better yet, let me ‘treat’ you.”

Little witch. Instead of throwing herself at him, she hesitated. Many times after they’d made love, they’d laid in each other’s arms and shared many personal things: opinions on issues, frustrations with their families, some future goals. He’d shared far more than she had. When he’d pressed her for more, she’d always managed to distract him with something else. But this was her chance to come clean. He was interested in down and dirty sex—as was she—so he wouldn’t concentrate too much on her admission. She could say the words, they would be out there, and they could move on. No big deal.

Her stomach fluttered with nerves. Even more so as he studied her curiously, waiting, still holding his shaft. She wanted desperately to touch it, to smooth her hand over it, to take it deep into her body. But she had to do this first.

Determined, she scooted back and stretched out on the bed, wincing slightly as her tender bottom made contact with the sheet. Heart racing, she opened her arms to invite him into them.

He didn’t hesitate and he moved over, but braced himself on his arms to look down at her. “What’s going through that mind of yours?”

She almost decided against telling him her secret. But it was time. “About that witch business.”

His erection rubbed against her quivering mound. He gave a slight frown and he reached down finger her clit as he asked at the same time, “What?”

Her clit pulsed. Moisture beaded around his finger. What had she been talking about? He was making it almost impossible to think. Oh, yes, her admission. She gave a breathy moan first and then said, “I really am a witch, though I prefer wiccan.”

His hand stilled and she held her breath. She waited for him to move away from her, anticipated the disgust she’d received so many other times from people she’d told the truth to. Instead of saying anything, he simply pushed two fingers inside her. She groaned, almost lost in the sensations. Yet this was important.

She cupped his head with her hands to make him look at her. “Did you hear me?” she questioned breathlessly.

His fingers remained inside her, his thumb pressed against her clit. He held her gaze. “Is that supposed to matter to me? Am I supposed to stop loving you just because you say you’re a witch?” He began moving his fingers in and out, slowly. His eyes darkened.

Her lower lips quivered around his fingers; her body thrummed with need. She’d die if he stopped what he was doing now. “No, don’t stop loving me!”

That oh-so-sexy grin of his spread over his beard-stubbled face. He tweaked her clit, drove his fingers deep again. “Oh, darlin’, I’m not about to stop playing with you.” He watched her seriously. “I was talking about how I felt about you, Kareena. That I love you to the depth of my soul.”

What did he say? “You…you love me?” Tears misted her eyes. She’d longed to hear those words, but hadn’t dared to think that such a special man like him would ever say them to her. “Even if I’m a…”

“Witch. Wiccan. Easter Bunny. Hell, I don’t care about any more than how good we are together.”

He lowered his head to kiss her, but she stopped him with a hand to the side of his face. “You know the Easter Bunny isn’t real, right? But wiccans are.”

He turned his head to kiss her palm making her tremble. “So if I have a really annoying neighbor, can you cast a spell on him?” His eyes danced with amusement. “Never mind. I didn’t mean that.”

Was he making fun of her? He probably didn’t believe her. “I’m being honest here. I. Am. A. Witch. A broom owning, occasional spell weaving—”

“Broom?” One of his eyebrows went up. “Really?”

She rolled her eyes. “I don’t fly around on it.” She started to wriggle beneath him; certain she’d made yet another mistake in her life.

Stubborn cowboy refused to move off of her. He kept his fingers inside her, flicked her clit again, and lowered his head once more. This time he didn’t stop until he gave her a kiss that blew all other thoughts from her mind. And then he spent a long while casting his own spell over her, giving her ‘treat’ after ‘treat.’

QUESTION: What kind of business does Kareena own?


Participating Authors:

Alice Dark

Anastasia Vitsky

Cara Bristol

Celeste Jones

Constance Masters

Emma K. Gardner

Patty Devlin

Renee Rose

Starla Kaye

Sue Lyndon

Claire Collinsgrove


43 thoughts on “Spank or Treat: Coming Out of the Broom Closet

  1. Anastasia Vitsky

    *giggle* I won’t give away the answer, but the “little witch” and the “farm hands” comments were perfect. I also like how she is told that she can’t always have her way, but she gets her way anyway. What a fun story!

  2. Pooky

    Oooh… so nice. I want more! I want to enter the contest too! But, I don’t want to give it all away… I’ll come back and see what other commenters have come up with. I would love to be the same kind of business owner as Kareena, and I have been called a witch too many times to count LOL!

  3. Minelle

    Well our darling witch or wiccan owns a candle shop. I too like how she ended up getting everything she wanted….even if she didn’t know that she wanted ‘it’ just then!

  4. Kelsey S.

    I’m not sure if I already commented and it’s awaiting moderation. If I did, feel free to delete this. Kareena owns a candle shop, probably selling wiccan items too.

  5. Blondie

    I know that I commented before but Ana says my comment isn’t here, so I am commenting again. And since this was one of my favorite stories, I don’t mind at all. I love cowboys and especially spanking cowboys. Kareena owns a candle shop. I agree with Kelsey, she probably has some witchcraft/magic items in the store. Glad that she didn’t have to use any magic to get her cowboy.

  6. Alice Dark

    I have such a weakness for witches … As far as I’m concerned, they’re right up their with nuns. I know. Blasphemy. I guess you’ll have to spank me. 😛

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