So Not a Cowboy – Released

I’m thrilled to announce my latest release from Blushing Books: SO NOT A COWBOY.

If you read SO NOT A COWGIRL, you will remember Mandy Weatherford, the sister to Drew, that story’s hero. She was a handful of trouble then and she is even more in this story. You do not have to have read the first story to enjoy this book.

In SO NOT A COWBOY, Mandy Weatherford had a wild weekend of hot sex with a man she met on the rebound in Maui. As their relationship grew hotter, they went to Las Vegas where she married Erik Mallory on a dare. They had agreed to get a divorce, but suddenly he refused, wanting to work things out. How? She’s determined to move back to the family ranch and take over as manager. Her husband owns a highly successful computer game programming business in Los Angeles. Two different worlds. But he is so annoyingly stubborn.

Erik Mallory fell in love with Mandy the night they met in Maui. All their time together after that only made him love her more. Now that he’d married her, he is not letting her go without a good fight. She can be as stubborn as she wants, but he’s determined to win the battle. He may have to warm her sweet bottom a time or two to get her to be reasonable, but that’s all right with him.
Genre:  Contemporary Western Romance, with spanking elements
Publisher:  Blushing Books
Release Date:  September 8, 2012
Buy Link:  Blushing Books
Buy Link:  Amazon

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