Show Your Dark Side Blog Hop: Oct 9-31

greatscottishdevil200x300I am taking part in KWA’s Show your Dark Side blog hop, which is focusing on villains for the month of October. To join in the fun, go to the Starla Criser website and find the other authors participating.


The following were my Goal, Motivation, and Conflicts for my villain from The Great Scottish Devil.

Villain: Alastair Sutherland

Background: In a vengeful act against Braden MacKay (Chief of Clan MacKay), he had Annabel (daughter) stolen as a baby. She was given to Dougal and Katherine Henderson, who owed him their lives and couldn’t have children of their own. They took her in and promised to keep her away from the MacKays and that part of the Highlands.

Goals: (Main) To never allow the MacKay clan to see Annabel again. (Short range) Locate Annabel  (3) Have Annabel killed

Motivation/Inciting Incident: He learns through gossip that Annabel’s “family” are all dead now. He worries that she will somehow end up back with the MacKays.

Conflicts: (1) Annabel is alone now and could possibly end up somewhere that she would run into someone from the clan MacKay.  (2) His hired mercenaries find Annabel now traveling and protected by Brodie Durward (New chief of Clan Durward of Urquhart).  (3) He has his mercenaries hire another one (Angus) to go to be accepted as a knight with Brodie, but Angus struggles getting Annabel alone to kill her.  (4) Angus hires a traveling tinker couple to lure Annabel away with them/bring her to him, but Brodie resists letting her leave his home.  (5) He learns that Brodie sent a message to Braden MacKay about Annabel, questioning if she might be their missing daughter. The MacKay goes to see Annabel, but she has left with the tinkers.  (6) Angus begins acting on his own. He kills the tinker couple, plans to rape and then kill Annabel. But he finds that she has run away while he dealt with the couple.  (7) Annabel manages to kill Angus when they fight. His mercenaries find Angus’s body and tie her up. But Brodie and The MacKay arrive and kill them, free her.  (8) He is furious that he must go into hiding now from Brodie and The MacKay.

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