Seeing Romance in the World Around You

I’m a romantic at heart and I enjoy watching people, looking for the special little things they do that hint at romance.

For example, I’m sitting in Panera Bread right now and there is an older couple close by. The man isn’t particularly listening to anything the woman is saying, typical man. Yet one of his hands is resting on his wife’s thigh under the table. Every now and then he gently squeezes her leg. She stops talking and glances at him, a warmth telling of love heating her eyes.

Or there is the man who takes his wife (lover/girlfriend) to a movie she wants to see but isn’t really his kind of show. He sits through two hours of basically blah, blah, blah (in his point of view) because it makes her happy. Or this can be reversed. The woman goes to see a movie she would never dream of choosing to see on her own, but the man she has strong feelings for wants to see it. Compromise is often a big part of a relationship.

Romance is in the little things people do for each other without even thinking about it. Opening the car door for her, even though she is perfectly capable of doing so herself. Buying the special kind of snack he likes to eat while watching football. Giving her a hug when she seems down about something. Giving him an unexpected kiss for no real reason. Taking a walk together and holding hands just because. Smiling at one another.

Every day I try to spot a new way people show how much they care about one another. Every day I look for yet another example of romance.

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