Secret Fantasies

MSW_MDI’m visiting the 1 Night Stand blog today and sharing my thoughts on “Let’s Play Secret Wish.” Stop by and check out the post, and take a few minutes to think about your own secret fantasies.

Our lives are busy, sometimes crazy busy. Finding time to simply sit down and relax can be difficult. Many of us can steal a few moments here and there to let our minds wander about escaping our lives in some manner…through a secret fantasy. There is nothing wrong with doing that. I believe it helps keep us sane.

As an author, I write about a lot of my secret fantasies. I have sent my characters to luxury resorts for some wicked indulgences. I have matched women up with the men of their dreams or with men who drive them nuts. I have emotionally taken them to places they’d never considered going.

From my complete book list, you’ll see that I write a lot about cowboys, both contemporary and historical. I’ve had a weakness for a man in work-worn jeans, a dusty wide-brimmed hat, and scuffed boots for a long time. And I’m okay with them being a little on the stubborn side, a bit gruff, and definitely “hot.”

I’ve done a lot of reading about other time periods and watched movies taking place in them as well. Along with that, another of my secret fantasies involved Scottish Highland warriors, lords and ladies of the Regency time period, and pirates. So I’ve written about them, essentially living out my fantasies.

Take a few minutes to think about your own secret fantasies. And, hopefully, you can find some time to kick back and enjoy one or two of them in some way…even if it is just in reading a good book involving one of them.


Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, BDSM

Heat Rating: 4

Page Count: 40


Maggie’s boring workaholic life and focus on her obnoxious ex is grinding her down. A friend’s advice sends her to Madame Evangeline’s high-end dating service 1 Night Stand. She hopes to find some fun, a date, and va-va-voom sex…not necessarily in that order. At least she will get out of her apartment for one hot night! Because, yes, she is just that desperate for a change, and there is that secret fantasy she’s been wanting to try out….

As Ian turns forty, his day job as writer of steamy erotica and night job as part-time Dom has him worried he will never have a “normal” relationship. With his particular kinky quirks, what woman would consider him husband material? Madame Eve is pretty good at her own job, are these two a match in a million or just a one night flash in the pan?




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