Scary Spanks anthology released

It’s that time of year when the spooks come out to play…as do the slightly naughty warlock’s daughters. Blushing Books has just released Scary Spanks, an anthology of six stories for the season. My story, The Warlock’s Rebellious Daughter, is included.

Zoey Zalton is ready to get married and vows to choose her future husband from the men she and her sisters invite to a Halloween party. A party their father has forbidden and that she intends to have anyway. She is not his youngest, most spoiled daughter for nothing. Besides she has a plan, a plan behind the husband-finding plan her father is against. She has long had her heart set on her father’s vampire friend, Marcus. And she will get her way.

Marcus is a powerful, usually intimidating vampire, a long-time friend to Zander and his family. More like an uncle, even another father to Zander’s spirited daughters. At least that is what he keeps trying to tell himself now that he has to fight a growing attraction to the youngest daughter, Zoey. He’s too old for her. He has a dark soul, many fear him. The brat doesn’t care about any of that. She laughs at his fierce scowls, teases him, flirts outrageously with him, and keeps insisting that he come to her ridiculous party. What she needs is her pretty little butt burned! And he is the vampire to do it. But touching her might be more than he can bear…


Anthology Title:  Scary Spanks

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Author:  Starla Kaye

Publisher:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Amazon

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