Rose’s Cowboys released

2940016324050_p0_v1_s260x420   Do you like “hot” stories? How about a romance with three emotionally wounded but determined people to root for?

What if the heroine has sworn off men, for good reason, and then meets two cowboys that are determined to pursue her even when she at first refuses? But how can she resist these two adopted brothers, these two cowboys who are too persistent and too charming to ignore?

How can the two most flirtatious “brothers” in the Grayson family rein in their wild ways and pursue a woman all wrong for them? She’s not their typical love ’em and never want to settle down kind of woman. She tempts each of them to consider something more serious, something they’ve both sworn would never happen to them. She’s so tempting to each of them that they are even willing to share her.

If she will have the courage to accept their proposal.

Rose’s Cowboys is my latest release in the Devils in Denim series from Black Velvet Seductions. I fell in love with these two cowboys as I wrote their story, and I hope you do as well. This is a HFN (Happily For Now) story, but there will be something more permanent in their future at some point in the series. You’ll just have to wait and wonder, and think about how you would like to see their story wind up.

Title: Rose’s Cowboys

Release Date: March 7, 2013

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

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When both the marriage Rose had planned and and her career as a professional ballerina are lost to her she packs up and moves to a small town in Colorado to begin a new career as the town’s librarian. She wants a fresh start, to heal her emotional wounds, and to steer clear of relationships with men for the rest of her life. Then she meets two of the sexiest cowboys, notorious flirts who both pursue her…even boldly suggesting she consider a ménage a trois. She tries to resist. The idea is outrageous, wrong.

Camden and Doug, adopted brothers of Samuel Grayson, are a pair of emotionally troubled, but charming cowboys who excel at making women happy in bed. Neither of them are interested in settling down, not wanting to burden a woman they might love with their dysfunctional pasts. When they meet Rose she appeals to each of them in ways they can’t fight. They dare to ask her to have a relationship with both of them, willing to share her just so they can have her in their lives. But can it really work?

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