Punished! – Sizzling short story collection

punished revised.inddPUNISHED!  Five sizzling hot, romantic stories, telling of love and domestic discipline.

Overview of Stories:

Trusting Her – Starla Kaye.
Rancher Sam Caldwell is in a funk. He’s been growling at his ranch hands, his friends and even his wife Katie. When Katie gets in a funk, Sam spanks her. So, when his bad mood stretches on, with no end in sight, he decides to ask Katie to spank him.

Testing Their Love – Starla Kaye.
Grayson and Belinda Jo have a good marriage except that Grayson’s expectations for her are in conflict with her own need for fulfillment. She knows Grayson believes in domestic discipline. What she doesn’t know is how he will react when she tells him she intends to resign from the charity boards he wants her to sit on.

In The Driving Seat – Richard Savage.
Barbra loves to shop…especially for shoes. But she never would have thought that buying a pair of shoes would land her in so much trouble. Alan is tired of fighting with Barbara about money. He decides after one pair of $1500 shoes too many, that what Barbara really needs is a firm hand.

Meredith’s First Spanking – Nadia Nautalia.
Newlywed Brant is one of the few cowboys in his circle of friends not to have embraced spanking as a way to keep his wife in line, that is until he finds out that she’s been lying to him.

A New Way Forward – Nadia Nautalia.
When Bryce is fixing Abby’s computer, he discovers her big secret, a blog where she shares her deepest, darkest fantasies. Can Bryce make her fantasies of bondage and submission, spanking, exhibitionism, come true?

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