Promotion: When is enough, enough?

rubbish-button2Writing a book is hard work, every author knows that. After that grueling process, you need to figure out the whole “promotion” thing. It’s not enough to have the book published in some form and have it listed on one or many of the book selling sites. There is too much competition out there for similar books. You, the author, need to determine how best to Promo, Promo, and then Promo some more.

I’ve been preparing to present a program for a local writers’ organization this weekend on Social Media, in other words learning all about promotion. The task of just learning about it all was daunting. And I quickly realized how many things I’ve been doing wrong or not at all. (heavy sigh here)

The basic elements of an Author’s Promotion Platform should at least include some, in truth, a lot of the following:

  1. Website with a blog, or a blog site
  2. Brief bio to use whenever your name appears online
  3. Press kit
  4. Social media accounts: Facebook fan page, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  5. Social book cataloging sites for mix with readers: GoodReads, Shelfari, LibraryThing
  6. E-newsletter
  7. Contributing to other blogs
  8. Public appearances: book signings, speaking engagements, readings, interviews

Does that all seem daunting? Yes. So you need to do the best you can, choose the promotion ways that you can be the most comfortable with. I’m still working on fine-tuning my Author Promotion Platform. At the moment, because I write/publish under three pen names, I have 4 websites, 3 Facebooks, 3 Twitters, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Plus I’m loosely on GoodReads and Shelfari.

This promotion stuff takes a lot of time away from actually writing. Carefully consider what works best for you and will allow you to continue your real purpose: writing and selling your work.

Stop by and leave a comment on works best for you…or what doesn’t work for you.

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By Starla Criser

aka Starla Kaye and S.K. Fero

8 thoughts on “Promotion: When is enough, enough?

  1. Sarah

    I believe that there can never be enough marketing for authors nowadays. However, I do believe there’s a difference between self promoting and spam marketing. I think that quality overcomes quantity and that if you have a good plan and focus on maybe just a few of those marketing tips you have mentioned they would work well for many authors out there. As a reader I just count on the story being good so you can market the heck out of a sub par book and sell a few but if the book isn’t good you probably won’t get very far.

    1. starlakaye Post author

      Marketing well is such a tricky thing today, and time consuming. But as you said, Sarah, it is all about writing a good book. If you write a book you (and hopefully others) feel is really good, then you should market it the best you can. I’ll admit there have been some books I’ve written that I wasn’t as proud of as others. Mainly that was during the time when I was cranking out far too many books a year. I’m getting more focused and more picky about what I’m writing now and in the future. And my marketing efforts will change along with that.

  2. Mickie Sherwood

    Hi Starla,
    Really. I’m in awe. I haven’t figured out how some authors find the time to be everywhere all the time, and still write. But it appears that it can be done. Automation, maybe? Right now, I have three websites. I’m on some of the Yahoo groups. I’m taking baby steps on Twitter and Goodreads. I guess I do myself an injustice because of that social media limitation. Yet, I believe this works for me.

    I enjoyed reading When is enough, enough?

    Mickie Sherwood
    ~~Sweet, spicy romance – a heartbeat away! ~~

    1. starlakaye Post author

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mickie. There have been a lot of years when I did very little marketing. Now I’m learning how to do it better and more wisely. I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t work, at least for me. I’m changing my marketing efforts from this point forward, just as I’ve started changing my writing efforts. Each of us writers has to figure out what works best for us about all of that.

  3. PJ Fiala

    I have noticed many authors hitting twitter via several tweet groups and then posting all over facebook. I have to be honest, I don’t think that’s the way to go. Personally, when I start seeing authors repeatedly filling up my newsfeed, I unlike them or stop receiving their notifications. I don’t want to see the same teaser 20 times a day. Same with twitter, I don’t want to see the same person time after time telling me nothing new other than “buy my book”. Finding a balance is the key. It starts with social networking. That really means networking, not just posting you book ads. Get to know people on twitter and facebook and linkedIn and Goodreads. Chat with them, listen to what is being said, find people that love the kind of books you write and friend them. After you get to know them, ask them to tell their friends and family about you. Ask them to read your book and review it. That’s how you will build a following.

    1. starlakaye Post author

      I understand what you’re saying about the constant bombardment of “buy my book” and I’ll admit that I’ve been guilty of that in the past. I’m trying to stop being so blunt about that kind of thing. I’m trying to share helpful links and info that I’ve run across, and trying to find ways to loosely link that with books I write. Still, changing my marketing style is new to me so I’ll struggle along for awhile, I’m sure.

  4. Cindy Overton

    You know spanking romances are hard to promote. Of all of my romance reader friends I was only able to convert one over. So many people think spanking is a form of abuse and dont understand it in romance. One thing that seems to be very popular is the over the top Alpha men. You definatly write those 🙂 Ever thought about writing some without the spanking? I loved the stories and men that were in Bet Your Boots and all the books under S.K. Fero.. Facebook book release parties are very popular at the moment too.

    1. starlakaye Post author

      Cindy, I totally agree that spanking romances are really hard to promote and to gain new readers for. Yes, I like “over the top Alpha men.” I’ve done a number of stories that don’t involve spanking and that is where I’m really going with my writing now. I’ve often thought that are quite a few of the stories already published that includes that element which I would love to rewrite differently. I believe I could make many of those stories so much stronger emotionally now.
      Thanks for the kind comments about Bet Your Boots and my S.K. Fero books.


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