PROMOTION: Making Your Writer’s Blog Stand Out

After you have gone to the trouble of creating a blog (blog page, blog site, whatever you want to call it), you want people to read it. There are a number of things you can do to get your blog spotted by the search engines. And unless you are writing these blog posts purely for yourself, you want to be picked up by the search engines and RSS feeds.

The article I am presenting this time, Creating a Writer’s Blog, focuses on what elements make up a good blog design and good blog posts. I also strongly recommend that you look at a number of writer’s blogs, particularly of writers in your genre. See what they include on their pages. Determine whether those elements appeal to you or if there are some you don’t want on your page.

A few blogs that you might find interesting include Gordon Kessler’s Writers Matrix, Mary Martinez’s Blog, and Jenny Crusie’s Blog.


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