WRITING TOOLS: Do I or don’t I host a book contest?

Hosting a book contest, do you or don’t you? There are varying opinions on doing contests as part of your promotional work. They require a certain amount of time and effort for the planning, determining a prize, marketing the contest, and wrapping up the contest. You can have anywhere from zero entries to 25 to 100 to….

What is the point in messing with this, you ask? Each of us must decide if it is right for us. I do several different kinds of contest each year and it is worth my time and effort. What I look for is exposure of my name and the kinds of books I publish. I’ve found that my fans follow me from contest to contest, and I gain new fans. Maybe they don’t buy that particular book from whatever contest…or at least not right then. But many buy a future book and some go back and buy earlier books of mine. They tell me this. So it is worth my time and effort to create and promote contests.

My article this time, Promoting with Contests, goes over many of the basics and I hope will be helpful to you.

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