Party Time at Decadent Publishing!

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It’s officially here, Decadent Publishing’s 5th Anniversary Party!!! Fun, sharing, games, prizes. Did I mention fun?

Stop by and join the fun with a whole lot of Decadent authors stopping by at various times and giving lots of Swag away.

My time slot: 3:30 pm EDT – Make sure you stop in to check on my latest news and to give me some suggestions. Good suggestions will be rewarded with a surprise gift.

My Swag give away Items: Your choice of a book from my backlist of 6 books. AND a “fun” cowboy-related surprise gift.

My books with Decadent Publishing

MSW_SM StartingOverFinalSmallAcceptanceThe-CEO-and-the-Cowboy200x300CowboyDreamin_200For Ruby’s Love-110x165

5 thoughts on “Party Time at Decadent Publishing!

  1. David Heffelfinger

    It’s 3:30pm somewhere… Let’s get this party started…
    I’m hitting the o’dourves and punch bowl !
    The conversation on the patio is hitting home for me.
    We’re discussing the demographics of the books as “Chick” stuff …
    BUT …
    I learned years ago, as I started dating,
    Understanding a girls fantasies was a big plus for me.
    As they under went discovering those experiences for real,
    I was better positioned to be a part of that..
    Harlequin taught me alot back then.
    My wife is a big fan of the Starla Kaye books from Decadent…
    even after 35 years of marriage… I’m thinking…
    I should better understand where her fantasies are now, shouldn’t I?
    Might open my eyes some or might just be fun to ask her
    ” What’s Up with That?”
    Nice party… Thanks for the invite… Dave

    1. Starla Kaye

      Thanks for stopping by the party. I’m happy to hear that your wife likes my Decadent books. If she likes audio books, let her know that I have 3 being made now: The CEO and the Cowboy (amazingly “hot” as an audio), For Ruby’s Love, and Cowboy Dreamin’.

    1. Starla Kaye

      I almost missed the party, at least my time slot. I forgot about it being EDT and not CST. Stupid time zones.

      Thanks for stopping by. You’re going to get a surprise gift next week.


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