Other writing sides of Starla Kaye

I don’t really lead a secret life, but there are other sides to the writer who is Starla Kaye. Under this pen name I’m most known for my romance stories in various sub-genres, although anything to do with cowboys is my first love.

Romantic relationships have always fascinated me. I’m a Disney lover at heart, with Beauty and the Beast being my favorite. But I love Little Mermaid, too. They are wonderful, complicated love stories with happily-ever-afters like I enjoy so much.

Karate 1  Occasionally I like to have fun with writing light-hearted stories about slightly different romantic relationships than I normally write as Starla Kaye. Years ago as part of a writing exercise in a writers group that I belong to, I started writing little snippets of stories about an adventurous, fun loving cow named Blossom. Being a romantic at heart, I had to give Blossom a romantic relationship, too. Ferdinand, a big, sometimes grumbly bull, is the bull of her life. To go along with my stories, I have several stuffed Blossoms and my main one has a number of costumes, which I use as inspiration at times.

Timeless Love  I also write women’s fiction about romantic relationships over age 55, under a different name. My first anthology of five short stories, Timeless Love, was published last year with Amazon. But I give this book away to anyone who lets me know they want one. I have given a lot of these books away already to senior adults in my community and will continue to do so. If you want a copy of the paperback or ebook, let me know at [email protected]

Lastly, I write incredibly mediocre poetry.

4 thoughts on “Other writing sides of Starla Kaye

  1. Nancy Sturm

    Starla, I downloaded a copy of Timeless Love. The stories in it are beautifully written; I enjoyed every one. Thank you! Your cow stories sound so cute. Ahh, poetry–I love great poetry, but alas! Like you my poetry is mediocre at best.

    1. Starla Kaye

      I’m so glad you enjoyed Timeless Love. It has been so well received and so many people are asking when I will have more stories out. It’s on my To Do List.

  2. Louise Pelzl

    I really like your stories. Don’t we all know how complicated romance can be. Your stories have subsistence – meaning great plots, characters.


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