My Valentine Cowboys and Research Links

What can I say…I LOVE cowboys, historical or contemporary. To date I have published 21 stories featuring a taut butt, abs of steel, swaggering, low-tipped hat wearing, sexy-as-hell cowboy.  Today I’m sharing about three of my Valentine’s Day cowboy heroes.

As a bonus for both curious readers and my fellow Western writers, I am sharing some of my favorite cowboy research links.


Leave a comment about your favorite cowboy hero (it doesn’t have to be one of mine) or a cowboy research link not on my list and take a chance to win a special Cowboy gift.



JUST RELEASED February 10, 2012

His by Valentine’s Day

ISBN: 97816069685898

Length: Novella

Publisher: Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Blushing Books

Sample Download:  Blushing Books-His by Valentine’s Day


Shawna inherited the job of ranch foreman and has worked hard to prove herself to the men. The Rolling Hills Ranch is the only real home she has ever known. Life is good… until a spotless GQ businessman shows up at Thanksgiving to announce that he has purchased the ranch. The cold–hearted bas–– plans to upset everything by selling it to one of the big ranching corporations asap. And he won’t listen to a word she says.

Cade bought the ranch with no intention of even seeing it before he sold it again, but a friend talked him into going there first. From the second he introduced himself to the pint–sized, contrary blond, his life was turned upside down. He’d never met a woman with half her boldness or a quarter of her sass. Or a woman more in need of a bottom warming.

The awful man had actually spanked her during their first meeting, and then called her a Drama Queen for complaining. All she wants now is to find a miraculous way for her and her rodeo buddies/ranch hands to buy the ranch and be forever rid of the too darn handsome Cade Calloway.

Cade left the ranch feeling more challenged than he had in a long time. As hard as he tries, he can’t get Shawna out of his thoughts. He wants her, any way that he can have her. A goal setter, he decides to make her his by Valentine’s Day.


Cupid’s Mistake

ISBN: 9781609686598

Length: Novella

Publisher: Blushing Books

Buy Link: Blushing Books

Sample Download: Blushing Books-Cupid’s Mistake


With her best friend at her side, Kodie has used the New Year to swear off jerks, and particularly her last stinging relationship that ended in humiliation and heartbreak. New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas was guaranteed to be a pure fun what-happens-in-Vegas-Stays-In-Vegas weekend…

There is a hiccup in her plans because the gorgeous brother of her best friend, Ty, is also looking for that kind of weekend since he’s celebrating his ranch’s success. This cowboy is drop-dead gorgeous, and he can’t take his eyes off of her… Which leads to something neither of them planned–one of those Las Vegas Weddings.

The next day, Kodie flees without saying anything, leaving Ty to search for her until he finds her a month later at her sculpture gallery that’s featuring bronze statues of… well, him. There’s no denying that she likes what she sees, and the idea of a Las Vegas divorce becomes less and less of an option–he’s decided he wants to keep her for his wife, come hell or high water, even if he has to tan her backside for her just to get her to stay put and listen.

Kodie’s broken heart from her last relationship has left her scars that won’t heal and worries she can’t ignore. She has to make a choice–should she keep this gorgeous cowboy, or should she be strong enough to let him go for his own good?


Valentine’s Cowboy

ISBN: 9781609681

Book Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Blushing Books

Sample Download:  Blushing Books-Valentine’s Cowboy


Valentine is a romance therapist burned out on the whole idea of romance. She needs a break from dating GQ fashioned stockbrokers and men whose lives revolve around their over-priced cars, high-tech apartments, and their belief that they’re super studs in bed. She needs time away from a therapy partnership that no longer makes her happy. Right now, nothing makes her happy. She needs a Calgon-take-me-away escape from all of it, and remembers how a recent client invited Valentine to her wedding in Maui. What better place for an escape? No pushy men to deal with. No pressures from her partners. Just time alone in paradise.

Sometimes paradise has its problems, too. Especially when her client’s cowboy rat older brother shows up, and Valentine wants to throttle him for his past overbearing ways toward his sister. Sam isn’t too thrilled to see the dipstick counselor who mucked up his adoring baby sister either. The interfering woman keeps right on butting her nose into his business, making him strongly feel the need to apply his hand to her sweet little bottom. Only touching her makes them both want so much more.


Favorite Cowboy Links

Cowboy Photos: Cowboy Sexy Photos from photobucket


Cowboy Lingo: Legends of America

Cowboy Slang: A Writers Guide to the Old West


Rodeo and Cowboy Terminology: Horse Hints

Western Terminology: Roping-Western Horse Shows

Cattle Terms: A Glossary

Cattle Terms: Beef Cattle Terminology

Livestock: Breeds of Livestock


Cowboy Boots: Cowboy Boot Terminology

Cowboy Gear: A Cowboy’s Personal Gear

Western Wear: Cavender’s

Western Wear: Langston’s

Cowboy Hats: Hat Guide

Cowboy Hats: Cowboy Hat Info

Cowboy Hats: Hat Etiquette


Cowboy Gear: Saddles & Tack Glossary

Tack and Saddles: Saddle and Tack Measurements

Cattle Supplies: Beef Cattle Suplies

Horse Supplies:


Brands: Livestock Brands


Rodeo Terminology: Rodeo Terminology

Rodeo Terms: Rodeo Terms

Rodeo Supplies: US Rodeo Supply

PBR: Professional Bull Riders

PRCA: Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association


Western Décor: Lone Star Western Decor

Cowboy Lifestyle: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

Cowboy Lifestyle: Cowboy Showcase

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  1. Barbara

    I LOVE your cowboys, Starla! But…when I think ‘cowboy’…Sam Elliot come to mind! That voice of his makes…my toes curl! I don’t care how old he is…he can come whisper in my ear any day/night he wants too! 😉


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