My Holiday Contests

I love the holiday season and I love giving away special prizes.

You can enter each of the contests daily during their run. One lucky winner will be randomly picked the day after the contest ends. Read the contest instructions and leave your comment ON THIS POST.

TLA-Sensuour PromosDec 1-7 – Contest in connection with TRUSTING LOVE AGAIN. An adorable holiday owl kitchen hand towel, hot pad, a holiday pen, and a $25 Amazon card. See a photo on the contest link.






HBBS contest 1

Dec 1-15 – Contest in connection with HOLLY’S BIG BAD SANTA. A fun Santa-themed kitchen set with a hand towel, hot pad, and a mitt. See a photo on the contest link.





CICContestDec 1-15 – Contest in connection with COWBOYS IN CHARGE. A fun “Santa Being Good is Boring” Christmas stocking and a squeezable cat stress toy. See a photo on the contest link.

29 thoughts on “My Holiday Contests

  1. Leslie

    My favorite part about the holidays is spending time with family and friends. When you’re spread out, it’s a wonderful thing to come together and enjoy each other and the season! Oh, and food. Can’t forget the food!

  2. Amy Foley

    I think the holidays brings out the best in most people and we think about others more like we should be doing year round.

    1. starlakaye Post author

      I love hearing the special holiday do-good things that people do during this time of year, especially for strangers.

  3. Michelle Berndt

    My favorite part of the holidays is putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, then getting to spend Christmas day with family 🙂

    1. starlakaye Post author

      It’s always a hassle to put up decorations, but I love seeing them. Sometimes I don’t want to take them back down.

  4. Leslie

    I don’t necessarily LIKE putting up the tree, but I do it because if it isn’t perfect, it drives me nuts. It’s like that FB meme with Bones, Captain Kirk, and Spock looking at a Christmas tree.

    Bones: Looks perfect to me.
    Kirk: Spock, what’s wrong with it?
    Spock: The placement of these ornaments is illogical. Clusters of red, large gaps. I shall formulate an equation to optimize the festive beauty of the tree.

    My hubby posted that on my FB feed with the captain, “Remind you of anyone?”

    I replied, “No, because MY tree doesn’t HAVE clusters of red and large gaps.”

    BOOM. 🙂

  5. Tina Sorensen

    As an older person, my holiday beliefs have changed from the excited child waiting for presents to the excited adult loving to GIVE presents. I relish the times to spend with my family and friends: Christmas movies, baking, relaxing in front of the fireplace with a good book and truly appreciating my blessings. The traditions of working backstage with The Nutcracker and watching my family perform warms my heart. Christmas is not only celebrating the birth of Christ but also sharing love and fellowship among each other. It’s a time to focus on the magical moments of a kinder, more tolerant world during this special season.

  6. Jo Overfield

    My favorite part of the holiday is taking my grandsons to the Grovepark Inn and seeing all the different trees decorated, then getting to sit in the big sleigh with Santa in front of the big fire. After that they enjoy the gingerbread house competition. Then the next night it’s on to the Biltmore to enjoy Christmas at the Vanderbilt mansion. They love seeing all the decorations, eating ice cream at the creamery, and petting all the pets at the small petting zoo. Everyone knows the twins since their dad has worked their since he was 15. Now in his 30’s, the family has seen about every part of the estate. Asheville makes for a truly magical place for the boys, but we can’t forget the next weekend when we all pile in for the next visit to Pigeon Forge, TN to see all the wonders they have there. True memories, that will last a lifetime for all who will be together. Smiles, that will, and can never be replaced. Austin & Jayden Schuit native Ashevillians.

  7. nadaleen brady

    My favorite part of Christmas is baking homemade apple. Apple cranberry. Pumpkin pies and making christmas cookies. Love the cinnamon and nutmeg smell!

  8. Mindy

    My favorite part of the holiday is being with family and sharing our family traditions each year. Also buying gifts for everyone.

  9. M Allie Webb

    My favorite part of the holidays are seeing the family happy & healthy love spending good quality time with them all Happy holidays to you and your family


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