Melanie Greene and the Roll of the Dice Series

MelGreene 2I am delighted to have Melanie Greene on my blog today promoting her Roll of the Dice Series, which includes ROCKET MAN and READY TO ROLL.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS – Roll of the Dice Series

Melanie is giving away three sets of her audiobooks – both Rocket Man and Ready to Roll – to randomly chosen commenters, so be sure to say hi below! Winners will be chosen on 4/14.



My love of romance novels and my love of audiobooks began around the same time: when I had hours alone in my office every day, processing numbers. I’m not sure if science is still behind all that right brain – left brain stuff I learned as a kid (my own kid is currently getting a degree in cognitive science, so I suppose I could ask…), but I am sure that working with invoices and reports all day wasn’t always as entertaining as you might think.

So I started listening to audiobooks. And very quickly discovered that listening to romance made the workday fly by! Also very quickly discovered that headphones were important. J

The more I listened, the more I began to devour romance above all the other types of books I read. And it wasn’t long before my writing followed suit. All through the process of writing, editing, and publishing, I held this glittering idea in my head: one day, my own books would be available in audio, maybe even helping to entertain the right brains of other accounting-types as they get through their work days.

And that day has arrived! I was thrilled that one of my favorite narrators ever, Amy Rubinate, agreed to read Rocket Man and Roll of the Dice. She did a stellar job, and I’m proud to share these productions with your readers.

Thanks for hosting me here today!


MelanieGreene_RocketMan_AudioBLURB – ROCKET MAN – From the Roll of the Dice Series

Serena Colby wants one thing. Dillon Hamilton wants everything.

Steady, focused graphic artist Serena has her life perfectly planned out. After a childhood being moved from one place to another, she craves the permanence of a home that’s hers and hers alone. And everything is lining up just right. That is, until disruptive copywriter Dillon comes blasting into her workplace and spins her personal life out of control.

Serena tries to draw boundaries, but the gorgeous Dillon has a much sexier script for their lives in mind. He’s pulled towards Serena’s orbit, quickly ranking her sexiest skirts and memorizing the scent of her locally sourced organic shampoo. Serena struggles to remain unmoved by Dillon’s kinetic charm, even as she relishes their chats about their mutual passion, the Houston Rockets.

Though order-loving Serena shies away from Dillon’s messy complications, she can’t escape her fantasies. When Dillon’s determined pursuit leaves Serena breathless, it might just be ‘all systems are go’ for Rocket Man.

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EXCERPT – ROCKET MAN – From the Roll of the Dice Series

Aggrieved, Dillon kicked his townhouse’s front door closed and scooped up the calico kitten making a beeline for the exit. “No, you don’t,” he warned it, before slinging it over his shoulder and heading into the kitchen for a cold beer. “I’m having more than enough trouble with females today; I don’t need you adding to the mix.” Setting Maisy down on the sofa and taking a long pull, he finally sighed. “Okay, okay, so it’s not your fault. And I can hardly blame Anica, she’s right about the tear sheets.” Maisy reached a paw up to bat at his fingers, unfazed by his suddenly morose tone. “But what the hell is going on with Serena?”

It just didn’t make sense. Serena was one of the most straightforward people he knew. Even before he’d started at Lanigan, she’d shown herself to be honest about everything—from work issues to the interpersonal. But lately he couldn’t get a read on her at all. She was her usual vibrant self half the time, backing away from him the other half. It just didn’t add up.

“Is it me?” he asked the kitten, who blinked and looked away. “I just … I kinda thought things were ….” He took another pull on the beer, then had to laugh. He couldn’t even articulate his feelings to his sister’s cat. No wonder Serena was acting strangely. He was probably feeding her all kinds of assbackwards signals himself, and she didn’t know how to react.

How did he feel, though? He shed his jacket, which Maisy promptly started kneading and purring upon, and headed back to the kitchen to throw together some sort of dinner. “Pasta night,” he called to the kitten, which ignored him. “Did I talk to myself before you showed up?” he asked it. “I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut at home anymore. But as long as you’re listening, check it out, ‘kay? Here I’ve known Serena for weeks. And don’t get me wrong, I noticed her right off, you know? Second I walked into the interview, as a matter of fact. But I always thought you’ve got to keep that stuff out of the office.” He bit into a carrot and glanced back at Maisy, who was now asleep. “Fine. Ignore me.”

He had kept it out of the office, and over time had stopped—okay, practically stopped—looking for Serena as soon as he got to work. Stopped cataloguing the many enticing ways she wore her hair, stopped half-memorizing her schedule, stopped asking her out. Almost stopped, anyway. And they worked closely together; he couldn’t go more than a few hours without having to at least shoot an email to Serena, if not engage in some more substantial contact.

Substantial contact. Face it, that was what he wanted.


MelanieGreene_ReadyToRoll_AudioBLURB – READY TO ROLL – From the Roll of the Dice Series

Janice Newton avoids close ties by directing all her energy toward her job and using her well-developed defense system to keep everyone, especially the coworker she secretly craves, at arm’s length. But will her fear of reopening old wounds keep her from a relationship with the one person who sees through her tough exterior and into her vulnerable heart?

Miguel Rosas has developed a strategy of his own: one that should tumble Janice’s walls, if only he can execute it. A burning dinner, intrusive relatives, and a secret from his past conspire to keep his plans half baked, though he’s determined to get things sizzling.

This standalone novella featuring characters from Melanie Greene’s Rocket Man brings Janice and Miguel together for a long-anticipated date that threatens to become an epic disaster. Little does Miguel know that the very problems he’s trying to quell provide the insights that finally make Janice ready to roll.

BUY LINKS – READY TO ROLL – From the Roll of the Dice Series     Amazon     Barnes & Noble     Kobo     Google Books     iTunes     All Romance eBooks

EXCERPT – READY TO ROLL – From the Roll of the Dice Series

Miguel’s other arm was a vise around her waist and the hand was anchoring her pelvis so Janice’s entire body was wedged against his. It should have been uncomfortable, being literally off-balance and with her limbs turned every which way like she’d lost all semblance of control over them. Which maybe she had. But it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Which sure as shit made Janice uncomfortable.

Miguel’s solidity made her uncomfortable. The ease with which he was suddenly putting his hands just wherever the ever-loving hell he wanted to, after they worked side by side for half a decade, practically never touching, made her uncomfortable. The clean soap and musk cologne scent of him made her uncomfortable.

His handsome face that was like coming home, familiar and welcoming. His elegant, eloquent eyebrows. His full lips, smooth and firm, and not in the least tentative against hers. It all made her uncomfortable.

So totally uncomfortable.

Janice’s nerves were squirming up and down her body like freshly hatched tadpoles. It wasn’t right, this feeling so right when she was fighting off another sneeze and her hand was cramping up against her aching breast and her pelvis was hosting a congregation of little tadpoles. They were squirming like mad down there.

And Miguel stopped kissing her, and then Janice was really, really uncomfortable.


MelGreene 2Melanie Greene is a native Houstonian. She began writing at an early age, though her stories about unfortunate dogs and impish girls who use firecrackers unsupervised have been (mostly) lost in the mists of time. She’s a voracious reader, huge audiobook fan, and generally has an overflowing bedside table full of books she can’t wait to read next. Of course her favorite genre is romance!

Melanie’s greatest pleasure is in creating characters who feel like friends, then giving them some (or several!) challenges to overcome on the way to Happily Ever After. Check out her smart, sassy, sizzling contemporary romances.

Melanie shares her life with her own hometown hunk of a husband and children so amazing they defy superlatives.


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    1. Melanie Greene

      Aren’t they the BEST? I love them so.
      Thanks for stopping in – I’ll announce winners next week!


  1. Sarah

    Hi Mel,

    No need to enter me in the contest, just wanted to say hi and mention that I love to listen to audiobooks while I’m grading physics labs. It must similar work to accounting. 🙂


    1. Melanie Greene

      Hi Sarah – thanks for visiting here! LOL on physics/accounting. Perhaps I am right about the right brain thing! (Science is fun.) (But you knew that already.)
      See you (though not as soon as I’d like),

    2. Melanie Greene

      Sarah –
      You get the books anyway, if you want them. Or you can send the codes on to someone else. 🙂

      Email me!


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