Making a relaxing library area

Sometimes I get distracted from everything else I should be doing, like writing while on a deadline. I’m sure that never happens to anyone else. lol

8-25-13 Master bath window areaAnyway, this weekend I decided to make a relaxing “library” like area out of my master bathroom. I’m one of those people who likes to take a long, soaking bath and read while there. I had recently found a shower curtain at Cafe Press that looked like a book laden bookshelf. It was perfect for cutting down to fit the window over my tub area.





8-25-13 Master bath shelf over tubTaking that whole theme a step further, I previously had this little rattan shelf thing over the back of the tub area. It had held my small rubber duck collection. Don’t ask me why I had started collecting them; it just happened. I found these neat fake decorative books at Michaels and they were perfect for that shelf, adding to the library theme.





8-25-13 Master bath framed covers over tubI replaced my former framed photos from some of my travels with some of my framed book covers. They are in that tub area and at the other end of the room as well.

Now the private relaxing area is even more special to me.

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