Maggie’s Secret Wish receives an amazing review

I am having such a wonderful year with all my terrific guest authors on my blog, great sales with my four publishers, and receiving amazing reviews. I am so thankful for all of it!

Maggie’s Secret Wish, my first 1 Night Stand series story with Decadent Publishing, just received another great review from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews.  M Dobson said “Maggie’s Secret Wish is an amazing story of a woman who wants to explore her sexuality. She is nervous about taking that step but can’t get the thought of spanking out of her head. Rather than taking chances with just anyone, she contacts Madame Eve because of her sterling reputation. Madame Eve seems to know just what Maggie needs and sets about to make it happen. But Maggie is nervous and tries to back out. Even Ian takes some prodding to agree to it. Yet when the two come together, it is combustible!

The idea of having a person know you so intimately that they can take care of your every need is a fantasy that everyone has. Maggie’s Secret Wish explores this concept in an exciting and tantalizing way. Just the idea of a man like Ian made me short of breath! I couldn’t imagine having him at my fingertips! If you like a story that fulfills fantasies and still provides you a happily ever after, pick up Maggie’s Secret Wish and make sure you explore your own fantasies!”

For the complete review: Sizzling Hot Book Reviews – Maggie’s Secret Wish

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